Cyber action – click here to send a message to the companies who are selling Tasmanian forest destuction.

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Still Wild Still Threatened – The Observer Tree is a project by Still Wild Still Threatened. We are a grassroots group standing up for Tasmania’s threatened forests. – Information on Ta Ann and Tasmanian forest destruction.

Huon Valley Environment Centre – Forest defence in Southern Tasmania – Blog for Tasmanian forest actions

Markets for Change – Market-based campaigning for the forests

No Harvey No – Stop Harvey Norman selling native forest destruction!


Miranda in The Observer Tree:

Still Wild Still Threatened:


  1. Hi Miranda,

    what a sensational campaign you are running.

    We are visiting Hobart next week and would like to come and visit you next Wed March 21,if that is okay.

    Where are you in relation to Maydena.

    How long does it take to drive from Hobart to the Observer Tree?

    Kind Regards,
    Marlene and Paul (Brisbane)

    PS heard your radio interview on 4ZZZ a couple of months ago.

  2. Michele Ryan

    Hi Miranda, you should be listed as a national treasure, your determination is awe inspiring! I loved Alan’s blog, I’m an old friend of his from Melbourne you couldn’t want for better support. I’d love to by Lily and your book – how do I get a copy?
    Stay safe

  3. Robert peddie

    Hello Miranda, thank you for what your’e doing. How did you like the phone call from Bob Brown last Saturday? I hope you could hear us cheering you on at Bellingen’s Energy Festival. Peace, love and happiness

  4. Hi Miranda, you are just amazing. I was so blown away last night when Bob Brown rang you from Bangalow hall & the first thing you said was how beautiful the moon & stars were that night. Generations will be thanking you for your courage & commitment. My heart is with you & wishing you strength & happiness in adversity.

  5. What a massive effort . Your are certainly an inspiration to all of us…

  6. Hi Miranda,
    I know you’re back on solid ground again, but take heart that you have left a legacy that will inspire many generations to come. Your name will go down in history as someone who cared, who wanted to make a difference, who stood up to be counted. Well done!

  7. Wow thats crazy,living in a tree for over a year!! Im terrified of heights i dont even like step-stools! Just looking at videos and even pics from that far up make my heart race and palms sweat. Im in total awe of what youve been doing,imagine what this world would be like if more ppl were even 1/2 as dedacated to the rest of this planet as you are,WOW. I only just heard about Observer Tree like 2hrs ago and have been reading some blogs an looking at videos since. I believe it was on day 11 that you wrote about seeing snow for the 1st time,the Floz,climbing every night rain or shine, and how you felt “watching a ‘friend’ die”. I dont know you but it was almost as if i could hear (your? a?) voice in my head as i read and I….well…I cried!! I hope you’re coping with solid ground okay,im sure it must be hard—-wait are you still on solid ground….or….??! I dont know what else to say that hasnt already been said on this page and others,and since its now 5am here (Kansas City,Mo USA) and way past time for me to be zzzz ill just say that yes you are (crazy but..thats me) an inspiration. Thank you!! Good job good luck and good night….

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