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Focus on logging of South Bruny Island National Park extension, home to the endangered swift parrot

The new Tasmanian Forest Agreement legislation allows logging of 42 forest coupes inside future reserves. The entire agreed reserve area has been put into Permanent Timber Production Zones, and will not be immediately gazetted as reserves.

Three of these logging coupes are on Bruny Island where an important extension of the South Bruny Island National Park was promised. A total of 39 threatened species are found on Bruny Island, many of these are in the National Park extension area.

Focus on logging of South Bruny Island National Park extension, home to the endangered swift parrot

This is vital habitat for the highly endangered Swift Parrot, which breeds and forages in these forests. Only 1000 pairs are estimated to survive in the wild. Logging of their critical habitat will commence this June – inside the proposed new reserve.

Ta Ann is to receive two-thirds of the wood from this controversial logging.

View our short film of Bruny Island showing the forests inside the South Bruny Island National Park extension that are on the logging schedule.

Take action to defend this vital forest habitat that is already endorsed to become National Park. Tell the customer companies in Japan that wood flooring from Ta Ann that is logged from threatened species habitat and agreed future National Park is an unacceptable source of wood supply

Miranda’s Blog: March 23rd 2013

Bushfire forces exit from Observer Tree Miranda’s epic tree sit

Miranda Gibson has today reluctantly left her perch high up in the Observer Tree, after 449 days, as a bushfire burned to within a kilometre and it became clear that predicted hot weather early next week could precipitate an emergency situation in the remote forest.

Miranda, of Still Wild Still Threatened, has spent almost 15 months in the Observer Tree after she climbed up on 14th December 2011, vowing to remain as long as possible to defend the forests, including the World Heritage value area in which the tree is situated.

“Our campaign to stop the logging of these World Heritage nominated forests and of the proposed protected areas will continue despite my exit from the Observer Tree. Although it is disappointing to leave this forest whilst these precious places continue to fall to the chainsaw, I have a huge respect for the forces of nature that are in play. And I remain as dedicated as ever to standing up for Tasmania’s threatened forests. ”

“I want to stress that magnificent forests are still in jeopardy, including places it has been agreed should be protected and become World Heritage listed, and that our will to see them safe remains as strong as ever. The campaign for these globally significant forests will now move into a new phase,” Ms Gibson concluded.

Peaceful action at Butlers Gorge exposes destruction of endangered species habitat

Conservationists from Still Wild Still Threatened have today taken peaceful direct action in Butlers Gorge to highlight the ongoing destruction of this area of important wildlife habitat. Two conservationists have blocked access to a logging road. They are sitting on the road, chained to each other and are willing to risk arrest. Still Wild Still Threatened is today releasing footage taken within threatened forest of Butlers Gorge. The footage includes several healthy Tasmanian devils as well as spot tailed quolls, echidnas, pademelons and other animals.

“Areas like Butlers Gorge have been nominated for World Heritage because they are globally significant forests. Habitat for wildlife, and in particular endangered species, is a critical value of these forests that needs to be protected” said Miranda Gibson, spokesperson for Still Wild Still Threatened.

“We are releasing footage today that shows a diversity of wildlife living in these threatened forests. Remote sensor fauna cameras have captured evidence of endangered species including Tasmanian devils and spot tail quolls in these areas that are being logged right now” said Ms Gibson.

According to independent experts, mapping shows Butlers Gorge as a high priority area for the improvement of reservation and connectivity of reserves for Tasmania’s large carnivore species, including Tasmanian devil and spot tailed quoll”

“Based on legal advice, a letter was sent earlier this week to Minister Tony Burke outlining the legal course of action he can take as Environment Minister to bring an end to logging in the forests he has nominated for World Heritage” said Ms Gibson.

“Tony Burke needs to take responsibility as Federal Environment Minister for the destruction being done right now to the homes of endangered species in these World Heritage nominated forests. Over 60,000 protests emails have been sent from around the world, calling on the Federal Government to immediately end this logging. Yet, Minister Burke has ignored these calls from the international community. ” said Ms Gibson.

“The values of these forests are being assessed by the IUCN in Paris, and meanwhile those very values, including the significant wildlife habitat in these forests, are being destroyed by logging. It is an absolute hypocrisy” said Ms Gibson.

Conservationists block access to logging road in Butlers Gorge

Conservationists block access to logging road in Butlers Gorge

Take Action!

Click HERE to send a message to Prime Minister Julia Gillard and Minister Tony Burke.

New film reveals covert logging of World Heritage nominated forests

Watch and share this new short film about the World Heritage nominated forests of Tasmania that are currently under threat from logging.


There are two simply things you can do right now to protect these forests:

1. Click HERE to send a message to the corporate customers of Ta Ann and let them know that sourcing wood from the destruction of World Heritage value forests is unacceptable, especially for products marketed as eco-friendly!

Recent feedback is that Japanese corporate customers of Ta Ann are paying attention to these messages. They continue to be nervous about what they are buying into and are demanding a genuine environmentally acceptable wood product. The more messages they receieve the more likely they will be to take action and cease dealing in controversial wood products.

As we portray in our new film: imagine a label on furniture or flooring saying ‘world heritage values died here’.
2. Click HERE to send a message to Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard and Federal Environment Minister Tony Burke.

Miranda’s Daily Blog: Day 424

Thank you to Christine Milne, leader of the Australian Greens,  and Peg Putt, CEO of Markets for Change who came up the tree to visit me today! Thank you for braving the 60 meter ascent into the upper canopy in order to celebrate with me in person, the remarkable milestone that we have achieved in Tasmania – the nomination of our world-class forests for World Heritage. While, of course, the fight is not over and there is more work we need to do, this is a huge step forward and great recognition for the values of these ancient forests. It was great to celebrate this moment with two very inspirational women who have spent many years of their lives dedicated to the protection of these spectacular forests. Check out the videos:

Miranda’s Daily Blog: Day 354

I had the absolute privilege recently to talk, via Skype, to two community delegates from Sarawak. They are travelling around Australia sharing their stories about the fight to protect their homelands against the construction of dams. They are now on the last leg of the tour, with a talk in Hobart  Tuesday night and a community vigil at Hydro Tasmania on Wednesday. Check out for more information.

Media Release: Indigenous Leaders from Sarawak Arrive in Hobart for Save Sarawak Rivers Tour

Indigenous leaders from the Malaysian state of Sarawak met today with Hydro Tasmania’s CEO Roy Adair in Launceston. This afternoon the delegation from Sarawak will meet with Tasmania’s Deputy Premier Bryan Green. The final public event will be held in Hobart on Tuesday 4 Dec at the Republic Bar in North Hobart at 7pm.

An Australian tour by Peter Kallang, Chairman of the SAVE Rivers group of Sarawak Indigenous leaders and James Nyurang, village headman from the Baram River Region, has called on Hydro Tasmania to pull their support out of controversial dam proposals in Sarawak that will displace tens of thousands of people from their homes and flood large tracts of forests and farmland.

“Meeting with the CEO of Hydro Tasmania has meant that the people of Sarawak could directly request Hydro Tasmania to withdraw from the controversial dam projects. Hydro Tasmania continues to supply staff and technical expertise to push these projects along despite a growing campaign in Sarawak against the dams, and deplorable human rights violations,” said Adam Burling, spokesperson for the Save Sarawak Rivers Tour.

Peter Kallang, from the SAVE Rivers group of Sarawak Indigenous leaders said: “People in Australia need to be aware that an Australian state owned company, Hydro Tasmania is involved in massive dam proposals that stand to affect up to 20,000 people who live along the Baram River in Sarawak.

“Hydro Tasmania is turning a blind eye to the human rights and environmental impacts of these dams.”

James Nyurang, village headman from the Baram River Region said: “If the dams go ahead I will lose my home, my land. I have no idea where my family will be moved to or how we will make our livelihood.

“Hydro Tasmania’s involvement in Sarawak will help to flood thousands of hectares of land belonging to the indigenous peoples of Sarawak. This will spell the end of our heritage, our means of livelihood, custom and culture. We will not stand by while our homes, our rice fields, our fruit trees go under water.” James Nyurang said.

While in Australia, Peter Kallang and James Nyurang have had public events in Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, and Launceston. They have met with Federal Senators and Victorian and NSW Members of Parliament from The Australian Greens, Labor Senator Lisa Singh and Federal Independent member of Parliament Andrew Wilkie.

4 key problems with the forest agreement

Miranda’s Daily Blog: Day 345

After the signing of the Tasmanian forest agreement recently, many people asked if this means I will be getting down. I have made a committment to stay here, because the forests remain under threat. After a thorough analysis of the agreement I decided to make this video blog, explaining some of the alarming aspects of this deal and what it could mean for Tasmania’s forests.

Miranda’s Daily Blog: Day 339

I recently had a visit from Lee Rhiannon, Greens Senator from New South Wales. It was great to have her make the ascent into the tree tops to see me. Check out this short video clip, and hear what she had to say about the Observer Tree:

Please help protect Tasmania’s forests! Click HERE to take part in the updated cyber action.

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