Take Action!

CYBER ACTION: Dob in Ta Ann for selling Tasmania’s ancient forests as “eco”  wood!

Click here to send an email to the companies who buy products from Ta Ann made out of Tasmania’s ancient forests.


CONTACT PRIME MINISTER JULIA GILLARD and let her know that you think she needs to stick to her promises and instantly protect Tasmania’s high conservation value forests. Ask her to implement the FULL conservation agreement that she promised under the Intergovernmental Agreement, which she signed in August 2011. Contact the Prime Minister through her website.


You can donate to the Mount Mueller Trust to help keep the ObserverTree well provisioned and tech-savy. Direct deposit into:

Bendigo Bank
Acc Name: Still Wild Still Threatened
Acc Number: 144673571
BSB: 633000


There are loads of ways you can get active. Here are a few ideas:

  • Organise a gathering of people to talk about the forest issue. Miranda is happy to Skype in to talk about The Observer Tree and answer questions
  • Hold a film night about the forests – we can send you dvds of short films.
  • Have an information stall – we can send you materials and information. Miranda can also Skype in to talk to people.
  • Spread the word through the internet, write about The Observer Tree on any websites, blogs, online magazines, facebook… anywhere you can think of to get the word out about the forests.
  • Come to Tasmania and get involved in helping run The Observer Tree or other aspects of the campaign, such as Camp Florentine.
  • Contact Miranda with any other ideas you might have or any questions observertree2011@gmail.com


Thank you to everyone who took part in the Global 24 hours of action. We had a massive success with over 70 actions across 15 countries. Check out the pictures HERE.

To follow on from the action there are two things we would love your help with.

1). We now have a great poster with photos from all the actions. You can download it HERE. Please help spread it around. We have printed up a bunch of A2 copies in colour. If you know somewhere that would be good to put them up, let us know and we can post you a few.

2). I have contacted the corporate customers of Ta Ann, who are purchasing products coming out of this forest destruction, to let them know about the action. However, I think the message will be much more powerful coming from you. We would love people to print out a copy of your action photo and post it directly to the companies. Please email me for details of the addresses observertree2011@gmail.com

Observer Tree Posters:

Just follow these easy steps:

1. Choose your method of information dissmention.

a)  Black and white poster- put it up everywhere you can

b) Letter box drop leaflet – just let us know which areas so there isn’t overlap.

c) Hand out flyers on the street – pick any place where there’s people and give them out

d) Colour poster – contact us and we’ll post you copies of the colour poster that you can put up in places like cafes, shops, community notice boards etc.

2. Print out the relevent flyer or poster below. For colour posters, or if you have difficulty accessing a printer – send us an email and we can post some to you: observertree2011@gmail.com. P.s: Make sure printing is done on recycled paper 😉

3. Get out on the streets – poster, flyer, letter-box drop till you drop!!

In addition to the poster explosion… get your thinking caps on for more ways that we can get the word out there to the masses. Please let us know if you come up with any ideas -we’d love to hear from you.


International Support poster (colour)
Prints up to A2 size.
Click on image to download pdf file




ObserverTree Poster (colour)
Click on image to download pdf file




ObserverTree flyer (front)
Click on image to download




ObserverTree flyer (back)
Click on image to download




ObserverTree poster (b&w)
Click on image to download







Download, print & distribute the ObserverTree flyer and poster:

PDF flyer (front, back)

Poster (colour, b&w)

  1. Amy Chell Whitaker

    Good work Gibson! Support and respect for what you’re doing! It is inspiring and keeps the rest of us on the ground working hard, to get that protection in place any way we can, knowing that your up there, keeps us going! Thank you.

  2. If you weren’t prepared to do what you doing now, what would happen to the tree, the forest?

    You are a champion of Tasmanian freedom – ‘ecological justice’ and ‘ecological freedom’ – concepts not yet known but will be in time, and you will be celebrated for what you have risked your life to defend.

    “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, concerned citizens can change world. Indeed it is the only thing that ever has” ~ Margaret Mead

  3. Thank Miranda and all the forest tassie cru, you are all an inspiration!

  4. Thankyou Miranda..you are a LEGEND! Will be following your progress and spreading the word. The world needs more people like you!

  5. If a man walks in the woods for love of them half of each day,
    he is in danger of being regarded as a loafer.
    But if he spends his days as a speculator,
    shearing off those woods and making the earth bald before her time,
    he is deemed an industrious and enterprising citizen.
    – Henry David Thoreau

  6. Much Love and Respect to all who dedicate their time to saving our world. I hope to be with you sometime this year. Occupy the city, Occupy the forrest!

  7. What you are doing is really an inspiration Miranda. And its so great that you can be broadcast across the world like this, from up there in your tall tree (ah the wonders of modern technology)!

    Wishing you all the best, spreading the word and sending support from afar (well, Sydney..).

  8. Solidarity to the deepest core of the core of the Earth upon which we stand. We are the genuine heartfelt opened-eyes ecological activists who feel that the so-called official ‘negotiations’ are just green-wash illusions that lulls the Tasmanian public into nodding at what they are told by conniving corrupt corporate politicians thus believing the false notions that the ‘negotiations’ will save the forests, when in actual fact, it is business-as-usual. The logging of old-growth forests keeps on happening at an extremely heart-breaking rate, while the more conservative often-hypocritical passive activists just stand around over-politely, hoping that some politician or negotiator will stop the logging on their behalf, rather than courageously taking strategic direct action which has immediate practical results. You have my Solidarity. We are the Forest Movement. We will never give up. Absolute devotional action for Nature is in crucial need at this exact moment for the survival of life on earth, for the future generations of all species. On behalf of The People Movement (I am the co-founder), Rainforest Rescue (I work for them), and Equilibrium Future Solutions (I am the ‘end coal seam gas’ co-ordinator). *For the Forests*

  9. Very many thanks Miranda, for your courageous action – from me, my children and my children’s children….

  10. Hello! I’m wanting to make a donation through paymate – just wondering what the “merchant email” address is. Couldn’t see reference to it anywhere… but it could just be me!
    Rebecca 🙂

    • Sorry! We are having a few problems with {aymate today, hopefully will be fixed today, I will let you know. Thanks so much for your support!

  11. Hi Miranda,
    we just want to send our best wishes up your tree!! Your input is amazing and very much appreciated. We are the Holgate family where you spent the day before the Sydney opera event…
    Good luck – and a big thank you !

  12. Hi Miranda, just wanted to say good for you, hope you’re successful and that your government will keep their promises and be shamed into stopping this destruction. They should know that the whole world is watching.

  13. Hi Miranda
    You are an inspiration to all of us in Tasmania…….our arms stretch out to you….

  14. stay strong Miranda,you’re fighting on behalf of all sensible Aussies.

  15. John Wood & Ingeborg Fina

    We applaud your stance and will support you with a donation and also write to Ms Gillard. Thank you for your guts and tenacity.
    Best regards
    John Wood / Ingeborg Fina

  16. Good on you Miranda.

    Its good to see people like you with real guts to stand up for what you believe in !

    We need people like you in this world to save it from capitalist/multi-national exploitation.

    There are a lot of cupboard “greenies” in Tasmania, if that makes you feel inspired to keep going.

    Thankyou for what you are doing.


  17. Just as there are grades of physical,intellectual and emotional development so there are grades of activism. Some humans are physical giants some intellectual giants and some fully emotionally developed.

    Some activists have a enormous effect, some of us less so and some very little indeed. But I reckon any who can be claim to be activists even just intellectual and emotional activists who are committed to the cause of helping to save the world but can do little about it because of their circumstances are on the right side of the wall. All others are either passively or actively destroying the world and its future though ignorance or greed.

    Clearly you stand tall in that positive list. More that 60 metres tall physically in your tree, and a vast amount taller in effective activism.

    Well done Miranda.


  18. You go girl.
    Stay in your heart and don’t let the ‘monkey mind’ get you down. Stay positive. Know there is plenty of support out here for you.
    Encourage people to keep contacting PM Gillard and the Japanese companies. The barrage must be relentless while you have the momentum and its a simple procedure as you have supplied the links. Thank you for caring
    xx Kathryn

  19. Catharina Ballard

    Stay tall in your tree Miranda; the support of sooo many are with you. Keep your chin up and my very best wishes to you and your ground team for taking the stance to save our mighty forests.

    Your courageous efforts will enlighten the entire world of the brutality which has left our beautiful heritage wilderness scarred for life.

    Well Done!

  20. Keep going Miranda, you’re doing a fantastic job!

    Thank you for what you are doing


  21. Heard about your mega tree sit at last weekend. Great work ! I will be emailing like crazy today as I missed the last 2 days of action. As an older activist with arthritis I will be following your inspiring action from the ground only in Gippsland. No climbing for me, so you are doing it for me too……I have been to the camp in East Gippy and helped out with banner painting….we all help where we can… Time is running out for the forests, but we are united by our love for the beauty of the natural environment. May you have many owl visits to keep your spirits up !

  22. Well done. Great to see someone standing up for their belief in something. And what an important cause.

  23. Matthew Smith

    Hi, many thanks for everything you are doing to keep an eye on the forest for us all !

    I’d like to make a donation but I’m overseas. Does your bank have a SWIFT code for international transfers? You usually also need to write the address of the bank when making an international transfer. Are you able to post this information?

    Keep up the awesome work, thanks, Matthew.

  24. Alison Pittman

    Go girl! fantastic effort! Our future home oneday.

  25. Hi Miranda, I think it is great what you are doing. I have written about your adventures in my blog at http://ausecoview.com/national/tas/life-in-a-tree/

  26. Dear Miranda thank you for all you’re doing. Sensibility of the people about this kind of problem is growing up but economic interest unfortunately is always very strong. I hope our dream will come true and something change in our relation with nature. Regards

  27. Visited The Observer Tree today – ably guided by Geoff. It is awe inspiring that anyone can feel so passionate about anything that they would spend an indefinite amount of time in such an exposed and isolated position. You have my total admiration Miranda. It must also be acknowledged that efforts such as this require the assistance of a dedicated ground crew – well done guys.
    Thank you all for keeping the forestry issue in the public eye, the sooner the problems can be resolved the better for us all.
    In awe,


  28. Hi Miranda,
    I just watched your interview atop of your magic tree of life, it brought tears to my eyes, you are a very special lady, ever since i was a child i have loved the forrests, people used to think i was nuts, hugging trees, i could feel treir energy. We need the forrests for our own existance,so as much as we can we must prserve the old forrests, we humans seem hell bent on stuffing up this beautiful world, all for the short term money, what gets me is do they realy think money will buy back the stuffed environment ??? wow a 400 year old tree cut down in 15 minits, we realy have a lot to learn, i hope before its not to late!!.
    I am a member of the Wilderness Society & give as much money each month as i can.
    Miranda you are one in a million, how you do it is amazing, gives us all hope…
    Antony Lucas
    Sunshine Coast Qld

  29. Hi Miranda,
    great article in The Age today about your wonderful effort. If you do nothing else in life you’ll have done more that most people in their entire lives. You’re a great inspiration. Give your tree a hug from me.
    Scott, Hawthorn, VIC

  30. Hi Miranda,
    I heard today your interview on the radio here in Italy and I was realy impressed about your very positive action… You are great !
    Thank you so much for your strong effort to save the forest.
    Please, alway remenber that you are not alone then you will definetely win this right battle !
    Enrico, Milan IT

  31. Cheers from Czech Republic, amazing campaign ! Good Luck !

    Jan, Vikyrovice, CZ

  32. Hi Miranda, Keep up the Great work. Needs more Australians like you I think.

  33. Hi Miranda,keep up the great work.I have just finished 5 weeks holiday in tassie,I would have stayed longer but had to get back to bundaberg because the place was getting flooded.I stayed a night at camp florentine,did my little bit and talked with brieaty(not sure if I spelt that right)and she gave me the full progress on how you are going.I will be back to tassie and soon.I will do my best to get there and say hi if you are still up the tree.Happy viewing friend Ray

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