ObserverTree Launched Today!

Still Wild Still Threatened activists will launch a new tool in the fight to protect Tasmania’s forests today, unveiling the ObserverTree, a 17-storey high tree sit and media centre equipped with the technology to record footage of logging operations and stream these images live to the world via the internet.

The ObserverTree is located in logging coupe TN044B, below Mt Mueller, in Tasmania’s western wilderness, part of the 430,000 ha of forest that was supposed to receive ‘immediate protection’ under the federal-state agreement on forests (‘the IGA’). Logging in TN044B commenced this Monday.

Teacher, author and forest activist Miranda Gibson has vowed to occupy the tree-platform continuously, until real protection is secured for Tasmania’s forests. Ms Gibson will maintain a daily blog and upload video updates during her stay in the tree, documenting the struggle to protect Tasmania’s forests to concerned people all over the globe.

‘In August, Julia Gillard promised ‘immediate protection’ for 430,000 hectares of high conservation value forest in Tasmania and promised compensation to affected contract holders. Yet Forestry Tasmania is blatantly disregarding the Prime Minister’s direction by persisting with destructive logging and roadbuilding within the nominated area,’ said Ms Gibson.

‘We have used the internet to connect this spectacular patch of threatened Tasmanian forest to the world. The ObserverTree will transmit images and information about the value of the thousands of hectares of forest that remain threatened if Julia Gillard does not keep her word. People across Australia and the globe will have the opportunity to view bear witness to the wasteful destruction of these forests and hear from the people fighting to protect them,’ said Ms Gibson.

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  1. Fantastic!

    The government signed the IGA but lets Forestry keep on logging in these High Conservation Value Forests. Forestry Tasmania have had a year to do the right thing – they are a rogue agency and should be abolished and replaced with one that will protect our forests.

  2. Congratulations to Sill Wild Still Threatened for undertaking such an audacious, courageous and innovative action. This forest, with the ObserverTree in which Miranda is perched, stands in a spectacular setting on the slopes of Mt Mueller, just outside the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area. There are great views of Mt Field National Park from the road in the coupe. Unfortunately, logging has started… Shame on Prime Minister Gillard. She has broken her word.

  3. Thank you so much for having the conviction and courage to bring the blinkered, stubborn wilfulness of Forestry Tasmania along with the impotence of both the Federal and State governments into clear focus. Still Wild Still Threatened, The Wilderness Society, The Greens and Miranda Gibson are to be respected for their unity in bringing this into the public arena. Thank you Miranda!!!!

  4. Another link in the global Occupy movement. Really heartwarming to see that people in our Tassie community are still committed to direct action to save our endangered, truly wonderful forests from the inane actions of Forestry Tasmania and the present state and federal political deadweights.

  5. Miranda Gibson is a legend, good on her.

    Just how does Bob Gordon get away with it ?

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