Miranda’s Daily Blog – Day 1

Day 1 – What an amazing day. My first day in the tree-sit was inspiring and heart-warming as support poured in for our new project. Thanks to everyone who has helped spread the word. Check out some of the media coverage online: The Mercury  ABC Online

Bob Brown’s helicopter flyer over was the highlight of the day. Looking up and seeing the cameras rolling, filming the spectacular forest from the air, and knowing that people all over the world would watching it was magnificent.

I hope that this project will reveal to the world the reality of how precious Tasmania’s ancient forests are, and how devastatingly destructive clearfelling is in these areas.

Today marks one year since the State and Federal Governments signed onto the Statement of Principles promising a moratorium on these forests within 90 days. Yet here we are one year later, and logging is still occurring. Four months ago the Prime Minister Julia Gillard signed her name to another document committing to an immediate conservation agreement over this area as part of 430,000 hectares to be protected. Forestry Tasmania claim that logging in areas due for protection is necessary to complete contracts goes against the agreement. It stated explicitly that where contracts couldn’t be met then compensation would be given.

“During the independent verification process, in the event that Forestry Tasmania reports that it cannot meet contractual requirements from production resources outside the nominated 430,000 hectares, the Governments will undertake the following steps. First, an independent expert will be jointly appointed by the Governments to review scheduling and other relevant data and attempt to reschedule harvesting activities so as to meet the requirements of contracts and maintain the interim protection of the 430,000 hectares. In the event that the independent expert concludes that it is impossible to achieve this through rescheduling on a reasonable commercial basis or through sourcing alternative supplies, the Commonwealth will compensate the contract holder for the value of lost profits and unavoidable costs. Any such costs will be met, in the first instance, from within the $7 million payment in financial year 2011-12 referred to in Clause 35.” – Page 4 of the Tasmanian Forests Intergovernmental Agreement.

To claim that they will protect this forest once it was been clearfelled is absurd. It’s like going into a shop and breaking something before you buy it, except if something has been evolving for thousands of years no amount of money can buy us a new one.

I am 100% committed to staying in this tree for as long as it takes to get the word out about what is happening here. I hope my presence up here will spark others to take action, rippling across the community and eventually bringing this destruction to a halt. I believe that it is possible that one day soon we will see these world class irreplaceable forests protected forever. Please help out by getting informed, spreading the word and taking action.

That’s all from me today, take care, and I’ll see you tomorrow ~ Miranda.

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  1. Miranda you warm my heart, cant wait for your post tomorrow, take care xxx

  2. Thank you for your inspiration Miranda xx

  3. Thanks so much Miranda!

  4. Good luck Miranda! xx

  5. This gives us hope!

  6. Yes Miranda, you do give us hope. What a great action! Thank you

  7. Thank you for letting us be a part of your story and campaign

  8. With you in spirit Miranda and will visit daily and share your journey wherever I can.xxx

  9. Good on you Miranda. My heart and aspirations for a brighter future are with you. Thank you for your inspiration. Kev Rothery.

  10. And still true. Today 26 April, colder, storms coming. A lovely moon following the sun, and a planet below it. Peach turning to blue above. Don’t forget Miranda. Whether we comment every moment or not, you are with us across the distances.

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