Miranda’s Daily Blog – Day 2

Today was the day of insects!  I took this photo of a bug climbing my climb rope… no harness needed for this little one.  I also had a lovely visit from a Macleay’s Swallowtail – a butterfly that defer exclusively on Sassafrass leaves (rainforest species growing in this forest). Then a little latter I was sitting by a branch when all of a sudden my eye began stinging wildly. I hoped it wasn’t poisonous and imagined the ironic end to my efforts to save this ecosystem if I had to descend with a swollen and saw eye from a poisonous bug. I’m pleased to say that all is well with my eye now.  Though sorry to say to the little bug trying to crawl up my leg… I think I need a break from your company for a little while.

Right now I’m sitting enjoying the last dappled rays of sunlight, looking out across the Tyenna Valley and the Styx . Sadly the view in front of me is littered with a patchwork of clearfells.  Looking in the other direction however is pristine forest rising up the slope to meet the border of the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area on Mount Mueller.

The late afternoon offers respite from the constant sounds of chainsaws and machines that start at 7am and continue until 4pm. In this time of peace and quiet I get to listen once again to the sounds of the forest.  There’s a plethora of different birds.  Some I recognise and some I’m yet to discover.  Luckily I packed my bird ID book and no doubt have plenty of time to get to know them.

My day also featured my first attempt at a tree-top exercise regime on my outdoor ‘deck’. I’ll have to think of ways to stay fit within the confines of my platform. Maybe it’s time to take up yoga?

Thanks for joining me for today’s blog. Be sure to check out my new video introducing the ObserverTree. Filmed, edited and uploaded from the tree top!  Share it around to your friends and help spread use word. Catch you tomorrow ~ Miranda

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  1. Love your work Miranda xxxx Shall I send book on yoga poses for tree tops? hope you are keeping well. Thank you for giving up basic comforts to show us all what is really going on

  2. you’re awesome!

  3. The sky is darkening now and the wind has dropped. I hope you are having a nice cup of tea and getting ready to turn in for the night. What are the birds like? Have you read Lord of the Rings? I am so respectful of what you and the team are doing.

    Have a wonderful sleep.

    – Garry in Liffey via Launceston.

  4. You have our complete support from a huge contingent up here in Brisbane, Miranda – keep up the vids of wildlife – the kids loved the Tassie Devil! It’s people like you who inspire thousands – don’t give up xxx

  5. Miranda….your inspiration is a guide for all of us!

  6. I’m glad you’re at least getting tranquillity in the evenings, Miranda. Stay safe.

  7. Hey Miranda you’re GREAT! Huge love and hugs from Sydney and I look forward to your daily posts.

  8. Thinking of coming up for Christmas, is there a favorite treat I can bring xxx

  9. You’re an inspiration. Thanks so much for everything you are doing xxx

  10. Hi Miranda,
    We had a film sscreening of the Tas Forest Films here in Alice Springs last night, on the rooftop of a local cafe. The stars were shining; and people loved hearing about you and the observer tree project – played the u tube clips from day 1. We ate curry in honor of every good blockade and listened to some great acoustic music. Stay well and get into some buff core excersises while your up there! Lots of love and thanks to you and the crew xxx

  11. you been up those trees so long i swear youre growing fur and a tail. fucken yea for bringing the office out into the forrest where it needs to be.

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