Miranda’s Daily Blog – Day 4

Day 4 – Ah… watching the clouds above Mount Field slowly turn crimson as the sun sets… a hot cup of tea and a scotch finger biscuit… could life get any better?

Thank you to the people who visited today and a special thanks for the treats sent up to me… chocolate coated goji berries, biscuits and a thermos of tea.  I usually always start my day with a cuppa, so I’ve definitely  been missing regular hot beverages. Though at least I don’t have a coffee addiction to deal with!

In other news today: the ObserverTree has a new look!  Check out the pictures below of the new banner. Hopefully it will  send the message to Julia plain and clear. Every tree that falls in this forest, or if she chooses to keep her word – every tree that is left standing – will be her legacy to Tasmania.

This afternoon I did a link-up with a community forum in Brisbane. About 15 people gathered to watch short films about Tasmania’s forests, followed by a conversation with me.  What a great way for people living far from Tassie to connect with the forest here. If anyone out there would like to host one in your local area please email me at observertree2011@gmail.com. Whether you just get together with a few friends or organise an advertised event – I’d love to talk with you.

The support and encouragement from the guests in Brisbane was amazing. It breaks the isolation of being up here alone because I realise how much the community is behind me in this fight to protect these forests.

There were some really interesting questions and discussions in the forum, and I might reflect on some of these a bit more in depth in tomorrow’s blog.

Right now it’s getting quite windy and my tarp needs some  fixing, so I might get going.  But before I go I’ll also upload a few photos I took today –  so you can appreciate my beautiful view too! Catch u tomorrow ~ Miranda.

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  1. So glad to hear you have had visitors And sweet treats…. I know you would be missing your morning cuppa xxxx

  2. Hang in there Treegirl, good for you……………

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