Tree sitter calls on government to act on rescheduler’s report and deliver conservation agreement

Media Release: 19/12/2011

Tasmanian forest activist Miranda Gibson has called for the Tasmanian and Commonwealth governments to take urgent action after the release of an Independent Expert Schedulers report into the logging of forests within 430,000 hectares earmarked for immediate protection.

Tasmaian Senator Richard Colbeck today released the report which indicates that Forestry Tasmania intend to log at least 34 coupes within the 430,000 hectares of high conservation value forest that Julia Gillard promised would be immediately protected.

‘It is now crucial for the Federal and State Governments to honour their own commitment and provide compensation in order to save these thousands of hectares of forest from immanent destruction,’ treesitter and Still Wild Still Threatened spokesperson, Miranda Gibson said.

‘Forestry Tasmania can no longer hide their logging behind the excuse of contractual obligations. Clause 27 of the Intergovernmental Agreement states unequivocally that 430,000 hectares of identified high conservaton value forests must be immediately protected and that any contracts unable to be met from outside this area, such as those listed in this report, must instead be compenstated’ Miranda Gibson said.

‘Pro-logging interests are seeking to manipulate the findings of this report to undermine the agreement, yet they have the gall to attack environmental campaigners who are simply asking the Government honor its own word,’ Miranda Gibson said.

“Today is my sixth day living in a tree-site in the middle of a logging coupe that slated for immanent logging. Through my daily blog, I have been able to show the world not only the conservation value of this unique forest but also the devastating impact of logging that is occurring. The irreparable damage being done to this area of forest is completely unacceptable and a breach of the IGA” said Ms Gibson.

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  1. Congratulations Miranda, It’s great that you and everyone in SWST continue to fight the good fight.

    The present position of both State and Fed governments in ignoring their committments to each other and to their constituents is revolting. All the more so because now it is largely to the benefit of a large corrupt foreign conglomerate.

    I sat up a tree in a logging coupe for 13 days in 1998 before being arrested after an all-day police climb. I know as you do the attractions of observing high-canopy life around the clock, birds, insects, beautifully wild changes in the weather. I also know how unbelievably yucky it is to see logging happening around me. I hope those #%$*’s have a bit of a break over Christmas and let you have some peace.

    My internet in ’98 was rather rudimentary (dial-up over a mobile phone) and I couldn’t manage a blog or live website – nevertheless I got out (and received) a lot of emails, including to a number of astonished parliamentarians (who of course ended up doing b all).

    The rest of us are now doing what we can to make Julia and co perform honourably, but you are in a really special position there to make them take notice. Congratulations once again, many hearts are with you.

    Hector the (once upon a time) Protector.

  2. Yes, Senator Colbeck seems to be ignoring Clause 27 of the IGA. I’ve been looking for that part of the report which is said to have been released by him but I can’t find it. I can’t even find his MR on his website, though it appears on Tas Times at

    Forestry don’t like mentioning Clause 27 either:

    Crazy place this Tas, but I’m not actually sure that the Released Report has been released.

  3. Hi Miranda this is bush Graham ……
    Thank you for speaking for all to hear on behalf of the Ancient Forests which are and will
    be destroyed by people who are greedy and nieve to the unique beauty we have in Tas.
    Hang in there and stay safe…….. X

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