Miranda’s Daily (Video) Blog – Day 7

Watch Miranda’s Day 7 Blog on video and get a tour of daily life up in the ObserverTree:

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  1. Miranda you are gorgeous!!! Paulie and I are sending our love from the office (we’d rather be in a tree with you eating biscuits!) xxx hope you managed to sort the leak

  2. Miranda we were worried about yesterday with the storm that ripped through Hobart, glad to see you made it through in one piece. Keep up the good work, we’re reading your blog every day.

  3. He he, you can design a new barbie… Eco warrior barbie complete with hair accessories!

  4. What an interesting video Miranda! You really are amazing and streaks ahead of poor empty headed Barbie, although I thought it was a cute idea. Hope you’re getting some substantial meals (though how I can’t imagine!) because crackers, vegemite and oranges are really just snacks. Keep well you wonderful lady and stay strong.

  5. Something I forgot to say in my blog is that one real benefit of the rain is there would be no logging happening. Sorry about your leak but I wish it would rain right up to when they all head off for their Christmas break.

  6. Loved the video…..funny to imagine you with the barbie set… Hope the leak is sorted. You are beautiful Miranda, a beautiful gift, love you and love your work xxxxxx

  7. Yes, thank you for your movie in the rain, and for your smile. We must find ways to support you, beyond comments on this blog. Colbeck, Giddings, Gillard, and Gordon. ‘See what I can do. I loved the video. Thank you for this. I feel like this is another historical moment in our defence of the forests.

    No matter how this turns out, those who view the Observer Tree Blog will never forget what you and the team are doing. A symbol of what all Australians should aspire to. Sorry for all the eulogising – bad form probably, but we’ll be with you until our cause is won!



  8. you are one bloody brave warrier woman. good luck.

  9. It never occurred to me that you are completely isolated. Forestry Tas have locked the gates. I’m not a talker, but I thought I’d better try to think of something to say.

    Errr …. Hullo. Lovely weather.

    Oops, no … Sorry. Err … lovely rain. The solar panel won’t be doing much for a couple of days. (I use solar power supply at home)

    Is your ridge pole still fairly straight? I’m the one to blame if it’s sagging. Remember, I gave yooz lot a hand over a week ago.

    In your rainy day video, as you showed us your view from the tree you said “I hope you like it as much as I do” Yes, it’s great. Thanks for giving that insight into daily life. And I was impressed by your tastes indicated by your Barbie kitchenware. Great minds think alike! I’m not alone after all!

    Back to the point: anything you show us from there is really lapped up like … I don’t know. Something really good to see … some great news.

    After a week of inactivity are you busting to have a run around? You look quite sane so far. I’d be going mad after being so confined for a week.

    See you,

  10. miranda you are so wonderful!!! your blogs are beautifully written, yr a champion – eloquent and badass 🙂 look forward to visiting you in Jan. take care lovely xxx

  11. p.s. that damn no more gaps… good thing we went with the extra tube??

  12. Vietnam Veteran

    Miranda you deserve a medal

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