Daily Podcast Interviews with Miranda in the ObserverTree (#1)

Click on the links to listen to podcast interviews with Miranda Gibson in the ObserverTree, produced by the Earth Matters Show at 3CR:

Observer Tree Podcast 14/12/11
– About the Observer Tree & why Miranda is there, the Intergovernmental Agreement & illegal logging, update on nearby logging activities.

Observer Tree Podcast 15/12/11
– Update on nearby logging activities, anecdotes on daily life in the Observer Tree & Miranda’s background as an activist.

Observer Tree Podcast 16/12/11
– Update on nearby logging activities, Intergovernmental Agreement & Industry Compensation, anecdotes on daily life in the Observer Tree.

Observer Tree Podcast 17/12/11
– Observer Tree Community Day, Brisbane live video link-up, Forest Agreement negotiation process, Ta Ann & green washing, working activists & logging workers in the 21st century.

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  1. we did love the scandal uncovered about the Tasmanian wood being used illegally in the building
    of Olympic Games in England. I would be interested in the back ground investigation you had to do to uncover this vandalism.
    Many thank for being here in the world
    Dr.Gerda Cohen

  2. Elizabeth Connor

    The report can be downloaded here:

  3. Hi Miranda,
    I started reading your blog of Day 13 but couldn’t finish, I became so choked up about the awful destruction of something so essentially beautiful. I so admire what you are doing, I would deem that a wonderful Christmas, high in the trees. I have written many letters of protest, including to some banks in Europe advising them directly of the pending disaster and the avid dissent of the locals about the Tamar’s proposed mill. I am appalled that so much has been achieved in the boardroom and nothing has stopped the loggers. What hypocrisy! I will write another screed or two in the next couple of days … including to Julia. Hang in there and, indeed, enjoy your communion with nature …

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