Media Release: Tree top cheer as Santa Claus visits The Observer Tree

Forest conservationist Miranda Gibson was overjoyed this morning by a surprise visit from Santa Claus to her tree-top platform in Tasmanian’s southern forests.  Today is Ms Gibson’s tenth day in The Observer Tree, where she is remaining to watch over the forest around her which remains under threat from logging.  Mr Claus brought gifts and messages of support from the community.  They shared a picnic lunch complete with Mrs Claus’s homemade plum pudding.

“Today’s visit from Santa was a great surprise” said Ms Gibson.  “I have made a commitment  to stay up in this tree to watch over this forest and to hold Julia Gillard accountable to the promise she made to protect this area. However, it is hard to be away from my family and friends at Christmas. It’s nice to know that Santa has paid me a special visit to wish me luck with the campaign.”

“I have asked Santa for a special gift this year – the protection of Tasmania’s ancient forests as was promised by Julia Gillard earlier this year. He said that although he can’t promise anything, he will try his best” said Ms Gibson.

“I have travelled all around the globe and these forests here in Tasmania are world-class. I am very disappointed in Julia Gillard’s behaviour this year. The destruction of this unique ecosystem is an international disgrace. These are the most precious gifts we have on earth and we need to take care of them for the children of the next generation” said Mr Claus.

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  1. Thats bloody Bonza that is! 🙂 Merry Christmas Miranda xo

  2. Merry Christmas Miranda xxxx So glad to hear that Santa is also on the case to hold Julia accountable.

  3. Hope you get a visit from Julia soon asking you to come down so she can deliver the good news personally.

  4. Merry Christmas Miranda, were all with you.

  5. This is the evening of the 24th. I’m looking out across Storm Bay to the west and dark stormy clouds spread across the horizon. You must be getting hammered right now. Along with the nervous excitement of lightening and thunder, I pray for you safety and well being. Down here on the ground we need you up there. Love and blessings for the coming days.

  6. nice chatting with you today at tws stall.! wishing you all the best.
    warm regards

  7. Alexander McRae, Sydney

    Happy Christmas Miranda!!!

  8. Merry Christmas. unreal weather in Melbourne, torrents of warm rain and large hail stones. But Santa seems to manage okay, he was around over here during the day – on the ground the freeways were not working too well. I wonder if his sleigh is lightning resistant. It would have been very risky otherwise, when he was doing the Melbourne run. Actually, you were very lucky Miranda, most people don’t get to see Santa, he usually comes when we are asleep … by for now

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