Miranda’s Daily Blog: Day 15

Following on from my Day 14 Blog, I made this little film for you, to show the process of checking up and monitoring the fauna cameras. My apologies for the late post, I had some power problems last night, but I’ve got the computer going again this morning. Make sure you check the website again this evening, because I am working on a very exciting blog for today… about something very interesting captured on film from one of our fauna cameras! So stay tuned!
Till Then, hope you enjoy the film.

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  1. Great blog Miranda, thanks for sharing the workshop on the camera’s, very interesting…and Loved the rare night footage of the treesitter 🙂

  2. Thanks Miranda. Because most of the forest fauna are nocturnal, and understandably scared of humans, few people realise how prevalent the native animals are, including the extent and impact of feral predators.

    Worse, is that the government agencies charged with a wildlife custodial role like Tasmania’s much diluted Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment, don’t undertake ongoing monitoring; let alone fund effective recovery programmes for threatened fauna, or control programmes to eradicate the feral cats.

  3. Patricia Stevens

    Thankyou so much for your dedication and magic pics of the wildlife around you and in the forests.
    It is so sickening that the government couldn’t care less about the vulnerable creatures and protect them.
    Let us keep on at them and may the new year bring us more and bigger sucesses for the forests and the animals who live there.
    We admire you and thank God that someone else cares.

  4. Well done Miranda, my son Joel came to visit you and did a quick interview, I have just returned from lower barrington and walked some land we saved as a family, it is just beautiful. What you are doing takes courage and real guts! One day you will look back on these events with great pride in yourself as a decent human and one that does care. Practice your bird calls up there!
    Love Stuart,Karen,Joel and Brodie.

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