Miranda’s Daily Blog: Day 17 & 18

Please join me on a grand tour of my house up here in the tree tops of Mount Mueller!


For some, a virtual tour is just not enough and they had to come take a peek for themselves. Here’s the police helicopter coming for a bit of a look yesterday morning.


Hope you enjoyed the view into my life up here in the tree sit.I have done a combined day 17 and 18 blog for you today, because otherwise I’m starting to get a day behind! I wanted to give you something not too heavy for this celebratory New Year’s Eve time. That’s why I made you a little video blog about my home. But while I was doing this and contemplating the clear-fells in the distance… It’s got me reflecting on what 2011 has been like for the forests. I starting thinking about how that very clearfell I can see from here was once an amazing old growth forest, which should have been protected through the Statement Of Principles process. A moratorium should have been in place before the negotiations were allowed to continue. What is the point of talking for two years about protecting the forest if you are destroying it every day during that time? So, I thought I’d share with you a little video from a tour of that area of clearfells down there, in March this year. It’s a little sad, so maybe if you are in a happy New Year’s vibe you can save this one for a day when you need a reminder about why it is we need to keep up this fight for the forests.


Hope you all have a great night tonight. I will be enjoying seeing the new year in from this spectacular viewpoint. It will be nice to welcome 2012 from the  top of this tree in this beautiful forest. Good bye to 2011: the official “international year of the forests”. And welcome to a new year that will hopefully become the real international year of the forests- the year in which these forests and forests across the world get the protection they so dearly need.

Talk to you again in 2012!
Happy New Year!


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  1. Kathryn Ruddick & Tony Ruddick

    Wow Miranda, we visited the Styx Valley for the first time two days ago, and if we had known you were there we would have “cooied” a hello! Those trees are amazing and we can’t believe they are still getting away with logging old growth. It’s an absolute disgrace. Good luck with your campaign, we will be following your story.

  2. Happy New Year Miranda! Hoping 2012 brings the end of senseless logging of ancient Tassie Rainforests and Tassie devils and other creatures can lived in peace in their cosy homes too 🙂 Thank for the guided tour, your views are amazing. xxxxxx

  3. Happy new year Miranda! Here’s to an end to logging in the 572,000ha, a surviving devil family and worldwide recognition of Tasmania’s unique forests. Thanks for helping us all to aim for these goals.

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