The Mercury article: Logging on to world

TREESITTER Miranda Gibson has been sending her Tasmanian forest message around the world as she notches up three weeks sitting 60m above the ground.
Ms Gibson today begins day 21 perched high above the Styx Valley.
She is on a platform that constitutes one of the world’s highest ever treesits…

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  1. What to do about the stereotypical negative image of forest protection some readers of the Mercury have? Of course some are FT trolls with vested interests, but others have such a stereotypical bias against forest protection which must be culturally ingrained. One of Tasmania’s greatest social challenges is to put a stop to the community polarisation over forest protection at this current school generation still at school. Thanks again – 3 weeks!
    I guess FT will be back at work soon.

  2. your a beacon of light
    catalyst that brings people together for a common cause.
    looking forward to talking with you soon at the next t.w.s. stall
    warmest regards

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