Miranda’s Daily Blog: Day 29

Day 29 is a photo blog. This is a beautiful compilation of photos I took of the sun rising up over the snow-capped mountains and the mist floating up out of the valley through the trees. I hope you enjoy!



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  1. OMG that is soooo magical Miranda, thank you for sharing your awesome views with us, braveheart xx

  2. Dear Miranda,

    How have you been there up on the tree? This is my second post to your blog. Actually I have had a camping in the forest of Styx Valley the last years. Last winter I and my students from Japan enjoyed ourselves under the Global Rescue Station tree in the midst of the oldgrowth forest, cooking, chattering and sleeping very comfortably. In the midnight I was awaken with the sound of the silence. The students were impressed by the wilderness.

    That’s why I am very sad to see the trees surrounded you logged via your posted video. Over 90% of TAT’s plywood products are exported to Japan. You have had a successful story with International Plywood, UK. We hope to work with you to change Japanese housing markets.

    Japan Tropical Forest Action Network

  3. Maggie Cashman Bailes

    Miranda, You are touching the hearts of every caring person around the world who observes your activism up there in the Observer Tree. You must see the tallest branches and their leaves growing, a unique experience. Your pics are priceless and they have a place in my lounge room – when I grow clever enough to print them out, most know my dummy ways.

    I shall continue as part of the cause by reading this book recently bought and a must for every big business, “Eradicating Ecocide” by Polly Higgins – had to order in. It’s about exposing the corporate and political practices destroying the planet and proposing the laws needed to eradicate ecocide. Many know about genocide too,

    You have grown tall in your actions, as we can only hope FT will soon start to grow too, for they progress only in their backward decline, not healthy at all.

    Thank you braveheart.

  4. I was with Bob Brown and the gathering at Liffey yesterday (Saturday) where I heard details of your situation. I am inspired by your bravery. I do hope some sanity can prevail when the loggers return from their summer break. My very best wishes for the coming days. I am sharing this with my Facebook friends all over the World.

  5. This is very touching. Thank you

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