Media Release: Miranda Gibson breaks Tasmanian tree sitting record

Friday February 3rd, 2012

Today Miranda Gibson has broken the Tasmanian record for the longest time spent at the top of a tree. Miranda has been on a platform 60 meters from the ground for 52 days, and will remain there to highlight the ongoing destruction of Tasmania’s forests.

“I am 100% committed to staying up here to draw attention to the continued destruction of these world-class forests, and the broken promise of the Australian and Tasmanian governments. This ancient tree that I’m sitting was ear-marked for protection. Now, due to Ta Ann’s demand for wood sourced from these high conservation value forests, this area is under immediate threat” said Ms Gibson.

Peter ‘Peck’ Firth, the previous Tasmanian tree sit record holder, who spent 51 days in an old growth tree in the Styx Valley in 2006, offered support and encouragement to Miranda today from Western Australia.

“I’d like to acknowledge the courage and dedication of Miranda and all the people supporting her in her effort. It is not easy working for the protection of the high conservation value forests” said Mr Firth.

“This is a tragedy that Miranda and all the other good people to this day have to spend their time honouring agreements broken by the forestry industry. I look forward to the day we can all enjoy the wilderness forest for their true value without fear of their destruction. Until then our resolve to see their protection will not waiver as Miranda is demonstrating” said Mr Firth.

Miranda’s tree sit, known as The Observer Tree, has received international attention over the past 52 days. Using solar power and internet access Miranda has been able to bring Tasmania’s spectacular forests to people’s homes all around the world.

On 14 and 15 February, a global 24 hours of action in support of The Observer Tree will call on the Japanese customers of Ta Ann to cease purchasing wood coming from Tasmania’s high conservation value forests.

To view footage of Peter Firth being pulled out of his tree by helicopter in 2006, visit
For more information about Ta Ann and their Japanese customers, visit

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  1. Not many people can claim that they have made history for a noble cause.
    Congratulations Miranda, I admire your tenacity.

  2. kili de beltran

    u have a Big Soul, and Big Heart……TRUTH…….u showed the world via net… and brave……..all power to you…………..

  3. Well Done you are are truly an inspiration

  4. This is awe-inspiring! You give us hope for the future.

  5. Congratulations Miranda, what an achievement. Power to you…stay well, stay warm.

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