Miranda’s Daily Blog: Day 55

Thought you might enjoy this little film I made recently, about a month before I came up this tree. It’s called Harvey Norman and the Homeless Animals. The first part was filmed very close to here, in fact. In the Styx Valley. A logging coupe known as SX09B. The film stars my wonderful mum (though she may be difficult to recognise, being dressed up as a native animal).  It also features footage of animals seen on our hidden cameras in this coupe, and the other Tyenna coupes near-by. Hope you enjoy!

I’m writing this as I listen to the sound of rain falling softly on the tarp and the wind rustling leaves outside. It feels so calm compared to last night…another wild and windy tree top adventure! I climbed to the top of my tree – (admittedly not too difficult as it is only a few meters away from the platform). And sat in one of the top most branches, watching the wind rip through the trees around me. Feeling my tree sway and shake, the branches bend, the leaves  pushed and pulled, straining as though trying to break free from their stems. All around me the forest was in motion. I could see the trees dancing on the ridges opposite me. They are appear somehow synchronised and haphazard at the same time, as they sway to the beat of the wind. It was all fun and games, until the rain came. It pelted down with no mercy. And the wind whipped at my tarp, ripping it from its eye-lets. Water was gushing into my house, near my bed. As I hurriedly repaired that corner, I turned around to see puddles forming beneath constantly dripping holes in the tarp. A quick and inventive patch up of these with some tape and garbage bags seemed to do the trick, for a moment at least. While I was doing this, the other corner suddenly broke free and the wind drove the rain into my storage area. I had to quickly finish the garbage bag patch up and move on to the new problem. I just hoped that this would be the last one. The wind beat at the tarp so relentlessly that the movement shook lose the tape. Buckets and containers under the leaks was the best I could do at that stage.  The calmness of today gave me the reprieve I needed to get those holes and eye-lets fixed. And now it feels comforting and cosy beneath the tarp while the rain falls outside.  My fairy lights given to me at christmas time, providing a multicoloured glow of light by which to type.

Hope you’re all as cosy and comfy as me, tonight. Enjoy the movie and I’ll catch you tomorrow.


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  1. I knew it had been a wild night and am glad you could repair your tarp and ended up cozy last night. Going to put out a call to all my friends who made it to Jackeys Marsh over the weekend to share some pics and words with you since you are sitting way up there whilsit they got to dance and shout. Thanks for the vid Miranda. Cass

  2. Miranda… everything you are doing is making a difference now and for the future. you are a true hero…thanks heaps and big hugs from me…

  3. Glad you were able to sort out the leaks and be comforty 🙂 love the film xxxxxx

  4. Miranda, you’re a tough cookie being out there, fighting for our native wildlife and the rest of it. I admire you! All the native critters I’m caring for are saying hello to you and to keep up the great fight you’re doing for them and their fellow mates.

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