One week to go!

Hope you’re all getting excited about next week’s international action! And busy with painting your signs and banners!

If you are in the following towns there is an action happening near you! (For details of when and where please email


Hobart, Derwent Valley, Launceston, Deloraine.

Mainland Australia:

Brisbane, Lismore, Sunshine coast (QLD), Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Canberra, Perth, Blue Mountains, Bellingen, Alice Springs, Newcastle, Bell Bay, Roma, Mount Tambourine, East Gippsland.

International: Contact us for details.

If your town isn’t listed above please let me know so I can add you to the list!

If you haven’t got anything planned yet, never fear, it can be as easy as you want it to be! A simple hand-written sign held up for a photo is fine.

It’s been 8 weeks today since I set foot on the ground. This campaign is gaining momentum world wide. Now is your chance to join me in calling for the protection of Tasmania’s forests.

Please add your voice to this action. Every extra one counts!!

Important notes:

1. Don’t forget to confirm your action with us before hand or it will miss out on being included in the media release.

2. You’ll need to your photo through before midday Feb 15th  (Australian EST). If you are unsure what time this is for you locally, we can let you know.

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  1. Miranda, a new threat to Tasmanian native forests looms. Ta Ann claims only PEFC regrowth forest supply chain, but HVEC evidence proves this a lie.

    Gunns has just announced $280M capital investment in Gunns’ proposed pulp mill by Singapore-based billionaire Richard Chandler Corporation. Unethical shareholders have thrown their money in the ring…again.

  2. hi i would just like to no what time and date is it in perth i would like to c if i can make it 🙂

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