Miranda’s Daily Blog: Day 63

WOW!! What an incredible day! It has been super busy … I am exhausted, but so completely happy and inspired. The show of support has been so massive! By this afternoon’s media update, we had 48 actions. But the emails and photos have just kept rolling in!! And we now have 70 actions!!

I would like to say a massive THANK YOU to everyone who took part in this action. It has definitely given me the inspiration and enthusiasm to stay up in this tree …. knowing that I am not alone, but in fact supported by hundreds of people all across the globe! Lets keep this going and let’s make sure these irreplaceable forests are protected forever!

If there was every a clear message to be sent to the industry that the time for forest destruction is up… it is now!

Although it has been so busy today, it has been so exciting… checking the email and finding more and more responses every time!  There may even be a few late ones straggling into my inbox tonight.

Just a short blog from me today, because I think the images speak for themselves about what a significant day it has been… check out the slideshow!

THANK YOU for making this global 24 hours of action so successful.  You are all so amazing and I so inspired be everyone who has stood up for these forests over the last two days. Lots of love to you all!

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