Media Release: Premier Giddings undermines the democratic rights of citizens

Today Premier Giddings sent a personal letter to Jenny Weber, spokesperson for the Huon Valley Environment Center, asking for the community group to stop speaking up in defence of Tasmania’s forests.

“The Premier Lara Giddings is completely out of line in calling on community group Huon Valley Environment Center to be silent on the forest issue. We live in a democracy where political dissent is a basic right.” said Still Wild Still Threatened spokesperson Miranda Gibson. “The Premier should be defending the democratic right of Tasmanian citizens to voice their opinions and concerns.”

“The audacity of the Premier to ask the community to ‘back off’ is outrageous considering it is her broken promise of a conservation agreement that has led to the ongoing controversy. The purpose of the conservation agreement was to ensure the industry backed off from destroying the forest in order for negotiations to proceed” said Ms Gibson.

In addition the Huon Valley Environment Center is being scapegoated by the industry and blamed for the current industry crisis.

“It is unacceptable for Ta Ann to scapegoat community environmental groups for the crisis that has resulted from their own poor management and business decisions. The reality is that they have been misleadingly marketing their products. The only ones responsible for the loss of jobs are Ta Ann becuase the company has chosen to continue to entrench themselves in forest destruction despite the implications this is having on their global markets.”

Still Wild Still Threatened is 100% in support of the Huon Valley Environment Center and we will also continue our campaign until Tasmania’s forests receive protection.

“With over 70 actions across 15 countries in this weeks global action for Tasmania’s forests, it is clear that the Huon Valley Enviornment Center and Still Wild Still Threatened have support from all around the globe in calling for forest protection” said Ms Gibson.

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  1. Premier Giddings is either naive or extremely stupid if she believes environmentalists will take any notice of such a request. It is the right of all in the free western world to protest against poor decisions, which affect all of us and not just a few. Ta Ann has chosen its path and it will have to walk it without the backing of the community and face the consequences that will inevitably follow.

  2. A good test of forest defence campaign response – this direct appeal from the head protagonist (Lara) is a positive sign that campaign is biting. Clearly Lara has gone over to the dark side of the chainsaw. As a puppet, any moral conviction to any side was always going to be a Lala delusion.

    Lara’s Tasmanian tomb raiding only demeans her legacy, along with the contaminated landfill of prior Liberal-Labor Party’s David Bartlett, Paul Lennon, Jim Bacon, Tony Rundle, Ray Groom, Michael Field, Robin (doze in a greenie) Gray, Harry Holgate, Doug Lowe, Bill Neilson, Eric Reece, Wally Bethune and Bob Cosgrove

  3. Hello Miranda up their in your tree-sit,

    This latest effort by Tasmania’s Premier whereby she had been incorrectly convinced by the disreputables involved in the Ta Ann timber supply falsification saga, (these disreputables being the management of the Ta Ann Veneer Mills, Forestry Industries Association Tasmania, then the major players within Forestry Tasmania and their executive board,) has now been exposed for the sham that it was.

    Our State Premier Lara Giddings made her claim that the eco-friendly people are the cause of Tasmania’s logging dilemmas, was nothing more than a desperate action to try and maintain solidarity among those truth-bending HCV Forest executionists and plunderers of Tasmania’s iconic forests?
    This whole campaign to try and lump the blame of Tasmania’s ongoing HCV Forests conflict, (also the loss by Ta Ann of 50% of their sales volume,) had been laid squarely upon the Greens and other conservation inclined persons, but has now become a huge embarrassment to this State government and its 12 MLCs whom were holding their own little song and cance event based on this same misinformation, when Ta Ann Veneer Mill management- finally revealed that they in fact misrepresented their source of log supply.

    The advertisements of Ta Ann around the world were claiming their hardwood log supply for their peeler logs were from plantation and regrowth forests in Tasmania, but was finally admitted by the local veneer Mill management as being a fault in the translation of descriptives as to the actual origin and areas of their logs as supplied by Forestry Tasmania.

    We see here that the art of deception is still being actively employed by all involved (as above-mentioned) in this major falsification as to the actual source of the logs delivered to Ta Ann Veneer Mills, was a peurile attempt to justify the continuing ingress by Forestry Tasmania into Tasmania’s Ancient Forests?

    Surely this depicts the extraordinary lengths the players in the Tasmania logging supply industry will stoop to, in order to blacken the reputations of silent protest action groups and of each of the conservation minded groups and individuals whom were acting to save these Ancient Wonderland Forests from the continuing insane destructions by this State’s Government Business Enterprise.

    This latest revelation should be beamed around the world so the truth can delivered to each and all, rather than that of those major players involved in Tasmania’s ongoing purposely deceptive programs of false and misleading media issued claims.

  4. Thankyou to the Giinagay environment centre,shame on the tasmanian government

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