Media Release: Still Wild Still Threatened calls for public apology from the Premier

Still Wild Still Threatened calls on Premier Lara Giddings to make a public apology for her misleading comments about environmentalists.

“The Premier’s attacks on environmentalists is getting out of control and she exacerbating  communtiy conflict through unsubstantiated claims” said Miranda Gibson, spokesperson for Still Wild Still Threatened. “Still Wild  Still  Threatened  rejects the Premiers accusations. Conservationists from Still Wild Still Threatened have never used tree spiking tactics.”

‘”Premier Giddings is continuing to misdirect community anger towards environmental groups when it is the poor management and business decisions made by both Ta Ann and Forestry Tasmania that have led to the current crisis” said Ms Gibson.

“Still Wild Still Threatened and the Huon Valley Environment Center are committed to non-violence. Yet, conservationist are bearing the brunt of violent threats. The Premier should be publicly condemning the threats that have been made against Jenny Weber and the Huon Valley Environment Center” said Ms Gibson.

“Still Wild Still Threatened supports the work of the Huon Valley Environment Center, The Last Stand and Markets for Change. The fact that conservationists are exposing the truth about Ta Ann’s operations does not make the environment movement responsible for the crisis of an industry that has been operating on lies and misinformation ” said Ms Gibson.

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  1. Miranda, I know this may appear to be just another petition and we have had loads of them, however I created this one on a whim yesterday and it seems to be growing exponentially. Perhaps you can put it into your blog and give it a boost. Everything helps and we are all fighting the same fight. Viva la social networking!


  2. Katherine Hobman

    This unfounded and inflammitory accusation against environmental activists by Lara Giddings shows how far she will go to promote her one-sided campaign on behalf of forestry. The tree spiking stories are nothing more than urban myths. I have writtten to Ms Giddings and demanded that she retract her statement – be interesting to see if she bothers to reply.

    And Miranda, keep up the great work. What you are doing is a wonderful example of peaceful non-voilent activism 🙂

  3. I have emailed Lara telling her to substantiate her allegations. Never heard of any tree spiking here in Tassie. She as Premier will be responsible for inflaming feelings against forest activists and any fallout from that.She should put up or shut up. I think she is reeling from the facts – FT have misled the government and she as Treasurer is reposnsible ( as is Bryan Green but we know where he stands). Lara has been rolled by the Bryan team.

    • Hello Miranda, I would like to say that I endorse the determinations of Cass Rea, (above comment,) thus deem her response here to be most appropriate and a correct course of action to pursue with our unenlightened State Premier.

      I myself claim that our Premier Lara Giddings lacks the knowledge and understanding of the many sinister elements involved and created within the GBE of Forestry Tasmania, (the agency responsible for the incessant unwarranted logging in our HCV forests.)

      Your role as the lone vigilant observer above that particular HCV destructive exercise happening below you, is vital in that this proves to the world that the sordid destructive purposes and actions are true in every way.

      Your own skills and abilities serve you so well, along with your excellent location high up and upon your elevated platform do clearly project the truth of the destructive forces at work throughout the State’s HCV declared areas.

      I do worry and wonder why this State’s Premier, Lara Giddings, is so blindingly supportive of all the insane logging happenings in these HCV forests, as this can only be at the behest of this State’s becomingly reprehensible rebellious Tasmanian State forestry minister, Bryan Green.

      Until the defiant Executive Board of Forestry Tasmania and this State’s failing forestry minister, deign to call a halt to their magnitudinal delinquent logging in these areas, (also to call a halt to their wanton slaughter of the in-situ wildlife species occupying these forests,) little will change even if there be no buyers or markets for this unwarranted accumulation of ancient logs.

      Miranda, I myself and with the great many others in our State are supremely proud of you in the way you have withstood the worst of hardships to post your messages and images of this State’s Ancient Forest infamy right across the World.


      William Boeder.

  4. I have also emailed and rang Lara to ask her to justify her allegations. Inciting hatred and putting economics above peoples safety is unacceptable. If there had ever been an incident of tree spiking we would have heard about it before now. The fact that Lara said she had seen one on Thursday at Ta Ann, and the look of absolute horror on her face and in her voice especially, shows how desperate she is becoming. She is a disgrace to her position and should resign.

  5. Not only is this incompetent Labor-apparatchik puppet dutifully delivering their whims, but blindly reguritating old logger hate rhetoric about ‘spikes put in trees’.

    Bob Gordon has obviously become her hate speech writer.

    Lala’s legacy will be ‘monkey say, monkey do’.
    Lala’s criticism of Tasmanian environmemtalists for nobly holding Labor’s IGA 430,000 hectare promise to account is disingenuous.

    Lala’s inflamatory labelling of these principled envvironmentalists as “extremists” for not budging on Labor’s promised 430,000 hectares, is backward and dividing of Tasmanians.

    The Lala is not only reneging on the explicit terms of Tasmania’s Forestry Agreement, she has betrayed the fundamental objectives and spirit of that Agreement.

    She has resorted to immoral inciting of violence and mischief. The Lala has no moral leadership and is not fit to govern.

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