Miranda’s Daily Blog: Day 78

Pinocchio has come to Tasmania to sniff out the lies of the forest industry!! And his nose lead him right to the airport yesterday, to meet Deputy Premier Bryan Green. Bryan was returning from a trip to Japan, where he met with Ta Ann and with their corporate customers. This could have been a oportunity  for him to work with Ta Ann to help get them out of native forest destruction. But has Bryan Green simply continued the greenwashing and lies that Ta Ann have been spreading across Japan?

Pinocchio was not fooled by the greenwashing though. In the last few days he as been on a tour of Tasmania, seeing for himself the destruction that is occurring. Pinocchio visited to devastating clearfells and logging operations, where the wood from high conservation value forests is destined for the veneer mills of Ta Ann. Armed with these cold hard facts, Pinocchio stood beside Bryan Green at the Launceston airport and called Ta Ann for what they are: eco-liars.

Thanks to The Last Stand, Huon Valley Environment Center and Code Green for standing with Pinocchio in his efforts to expose the lies! You can join him too…

Please help Pinocchio to dob in the lies of Ta Ann! Click HERE to take part in the cyber action!

Check out this slide show of Pinocchio’s tour.

Pinocchio’s welcome home for Bryan Green made it to the top story on ABC news. Take a look….

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  1. Meanwhile, Machiavellian FT’s latest act of treachery is to trick the Tasmanian Aboriginal Council into thwarting the IGA so that the 572,000 hectures of protected native forests come under Aboriginal custody allowing FT’s logging cult of addiction to continue business as usual with some Indigenous stamp of certification.

    They must smoke good weed at 79 Melville Street to brainstorm that one!

  2. William Boeder

    Forestry Tasmania wont be around for much longer, now would be a good time for their Executive Board to move onto new unburnt pastures, for no other agency in Australia could dare to get by with the history they have of all of their havocs and horrendiums.

  3. Pinocchio’s nose is shaped very much like a chainsaw.

  4. Both sides of politics McKim and Hodgman need to take a step back from this perpetuating forestry war.

    The first step is to stop using the euphemistic and inciteful term ‘forestry’. We all know it is a lose term meaning logging and that it extends to old growth and scortched earthing.

    Decades of decimation of Tasmania’s real forests now see them pitifully cornered in a desperate state of extinction pivot. Keep timber industry busines as usual and we will be looking at another Thylacene apology for both the Devil and its ancient habitat.

    As Neanderthal logging is seeing it too looming toward extinction by force of market and public opinion, it is incumbent upon logging industry leadership to devise a triple bottom line high value add timber industry model that can work.

    Oft times leadership has to come from grassroots people, rather than waiting and assuming the powerbrokers to act in the good faith of the grassroots people.

    This quote is so powerful: “A small group of thoughtful people could change the world. Indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” (Margaret Mead)

  5. Garry Stannus

    Tigerquoll, I make the point that the Aboriginal Land Council has not been tricked into an agreement with FT. The initiative itself came from Michael Mansell. He has a strong head on his shoulders, legal training and would play most punters ‘on the break’.

    In my comment, I gave my own position, which is that I welcome the return of Tasmanian lands to Aboriginal ownership. I note that Michael Mansell committed to conserving the areas identified as HCV by the ENGOs and that he expressed the desire to use these areas in certain ways – not wood production, and that also from the areas not nominated/held to be HCV, to designate them as wood production zones and to thus use them for wood production.

    I don’t see much of a difference between his position and mine. If there is, I’ll see if he’s willing to talk to me about my concerns. He’s as good as said that out of the 572, he’d respect whatever areas are identified as HCV by Professor West.

    I reckon I also said that, as well as all that, we can’t trust FT in a pink fit, and that they must be abolished and replaced. I am willing to work with the TAC and the Land Council. Forestry Tasmania however, has lost my trust … quite a while ago.

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