Media Release: Tree sitter reaches 100 days.

Miranda Gibson has been at the top of a tree in Tasmania’s threatened forest for 100 days. Ms Gibson’s extraordinary effort began in mid-december when she climbed to the top of the tree vowing to remain on her tree-top platform until the area was protected, as it should have been according to the Intergovernmental Agreement. Miranda celebrated her 100th day amid snow.

“For 100 days I have sat at the top of this tree, bringing international attention to the ongoing destruction that is occurring every day in Tasmania’s irreplaceable high conservation value forests. It is timely that today Jonathan West’s report has been released, giving clear evidence of the global significance of these forests.” said Ms Gibson.

“Documented evidence has shown that Tasmanian devils are living in this area of forest. The West report has indicated the significance of these endangered species and the importance of these habitat areas” said Ms Gibson.

“I am committed to staying another 100 days if that’s what it takes. However, I hope that Tasmania will not have to wait that long to see these precious forests protected” said Ms Gibson.

“To mark my 100th day in the tree sit we will be posting 100 letters to the corporate customers of Ta Ann. These letters, from community members, will send a strong message that Tasmanians do not want to see our world class forests destroyed to make veneer” said Ms Gibson.

“My 100th day has been a special day so far, with a spectacular show from the forest as it snowed for the first time since I have been up here. Despite the cold weather, I enjoyed the beauty of the forest in the snow. I hope that through my action people all around the world can share the wonder of these forests and help conserve them for future generations” said Ms Gibson.

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  1. Well done Miranda! You are an inspiration!

  2. Jess Beckerling

    words fail me Miranda. big love, hope, courage and respect to you. x

  3. 100 days, 100 thanks, to you for a great effort, very much appreciated!

  4. woooo hoooo what a big girl u r Miranda xxx

  5. Margo van der Voort

    I am with you Miranda and posting your blog posts far and wide. Many people in Holland are reading them now, on the other side of the world. Hang in there, litterally. You are a true forest warrioress! Much Respect and wishing you perseverance. Keep warm!

  6. Miranda!! you’re amazing! hope you’re staying warm up there… thinking of you! stay strong! much love, crunchy xxxx

  7. 100 days of courage. Where can people send in donations of thermal socks and gloves etc to keep you cosy lovely xx

  8. William Boeder

    Hello Miranda, (Currently Tasmania’s most admired young citizen.)

    I do hope you have received a draft or copy, or even Electronic access to the Professor John West Report.
    Tis a most heartening report that has enormous implications, (but more-so if not hacked and mutilated by unwarranted Tasmanian ministerial interferences.)

    Your dedication will not go unrewarded- as providence will soon offer its generous reward in its thanks for your intrepid actions.

  9. Awesome stuff. Hopefully you don’t need to stay another hundred days though.

  10. We should all be circling the base of the observer tree and giving thanks, Miranda – in celebration of your determination to do something about saving the Tassie forests. The fact that you see the forest as being more important than your own comfort and safety sends out such a passionate message. It’s both selfless and honest. The strength of your commitment is a huge inspiration. it can’t be comfortable up there, but I’m sure it is beautiful, and is an experience that will change you forever. We’ll try to ensure that it changes Tassie forestry policy forever as well. Stay warm and dry. Madeleine Faught

  11. We should not take for granted what Miranda is standing up for.
    This woman and her organisation are upholding the values of Natural Tasmania.

    In our backward industrial time now, many cannot see the values, just like in Dickensian times, women and children had no rights. The children of our children will reflect back on 2012 as we today look bak on 1812 as see a backward society killing.

    Two inspirational sites (and there are many):



    (ignore mispelling)

    We live our busy lives.
    But we are also living our children’s history, as well as the past of our children’s children. Unlike future aspirations yearning what we take for granted now, our generations hold the hindsight opportunity to respect and preserve as much of Nature as we can for Nature’s sake as well as to those generations who will inherit and yearn what we walked through, saw and took for granted.

    We thus are repeating the persecution of the Thylacene on what is left of Natural Tasmania.

    I feel very sad.

  12. david shepherd

    Congratulations Miranda.The vast majority of tourists to Tasmania are appalled by the way Tasmanians continue to destroy their unique forests.At least you can stand tall and be proud of your actions.My friend and I bought some land adjoining Borradaile Forest Reserve in the Lemonthyme and surrounded by proposed HCV forest which contain some very big Delagatensis but yours has a lovely view.We have a little hut up there and you would be welcome any time.Stay strong and warm.

  13. Hi Miranda.
    I am the current custodian of a 70 Ha mountain ash forest in Vic and I know how cold and windy it can be. I love listening to the sounds of this type of forest on a still night, the boobooks, the yapping of the sugar gliders and the call of the mountain brushy (dont think you have them in Tas). I also love watching the planets, stars and the satellites circling the globe. I trust your safe from the leeches at that height!
    We think you are doing a fantastic job and know that you have lots of love and support all around Oz. Cheers

  14. Miranda – wow

  15. Deb (Victoria)

    Congratulations on your determined campaign Miranda. I only heard about you today when Bob Brown took the chance to mention you and highlight your cause while the spotlight was on his retirement announcement, so that’s great. I’ll keep an eye on you from now on. Good on you!

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