Miranda’s Daily Blog: Day 109

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  1. More dead soil and trees giving up their carbon to our skies. Thank you Miranda for being there to witness. I hope the air around your tree isn’t smoke filled tonight. FT will be answering to their practices soon. Handing out leaflets yesterday at Salamanca about the public meeting in Hobart on Tuesday night at Hadleys seemed to strike a chord with many people. It’s time.

  2. Hi miranda. in my mind i can smell the smoke as I look at your film. i remember being appalled when they did this in our forests 30 years ago- its been a long long haul. i appreciate your endurance and tenacity. It will stop. And I agree that its coming soon. Never soon enough for us! I am sitting here in Qld writing the UPRIVER book about the Franklin activists- coming up to 30 yrs anniversary in december. hang in there. I’m looking forward to meeting you when i get down to tassie next. I hope that you are having a beautiful morning in your tree haven.Peace & Love always.

  3. gerhard weihermann

    Ashes to ashes, dust to dust, … more related to death than to ‘regeneration’. Humans are very slow learners in general, but where there are people like you Miranda & friends, there is hope … thanks so much for being witness , having the stamina to sit for 110 + days, and being a inspiration for others.
    Greetings from the Rainbow Region and its heart center ‘Nimbin’

  4. Hey Miranda can’t wait to come out and visit you this weekend as part of the camp florentine skill share! see you soon

  5. Hello Miranda,
    unfortunately the only way for people to believe we are doing these incredibly stupid practices are vidoe’s that people place on the website, because the corporate dream machines keep pumping out logo’s like ” regeneration, sustainable burning”, Keep up the good work, you can’t beat people being there. I want you to hang in there, thanks for your bank details on day100, I will send you some money.
    Cheers Stuart.

  6. I do believe the footage you are showing is a pine plantation regen burn which was conducted by norske skog on sunday not forestry tas can you please report the truth.

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