Miranda’s Daily Blog: Day 130

Today marks the beginning of an international week of action called “Occupy the Trees.”

The week long action has been initiated by conservationists from the Cascadia region in the US, in order to “draw attention to the entities who exploit and destroy the planet for the sake of profit.” The call to action includes 3 main points which are:

  1. Immediate attention and reversal to Global Climate Change which threatens all life on Earth.
  2. Disruption of the Earth-destroying profit machines led by the richest1% of the world and their government lackies.
  3. Ending all Commercial Extraction from Public Lands in all nations of the Earth.

You can find out more at occupythetrees.org

Tasmanian forest groups Still Wild Still Threatened, Huon Valley Environment Centre and Code Green are getting on board with a week of events to draw attention to the urgent need to end the destruction of the earth. Some events include:

Tuesday April 24 there will be a Kids Afternoon at the Huon Valley Environment Centre 4-6pm. Sharing food, tree craft fun, tree planting and storytelling.

Thursday 25 April Action for the rights of the animals – Defend the Devil.  Stay tuned for more info.

I am super excited about being a part of Occupy the Trees. It definitely fits in well with what I am doing! And so as part of the international week of action The Observer Tree is having a virtual Open Day all week… anyone who is keen to chat to me about what I am doing up here can organise a time to Skype with me.  You could even get together with a group of friends or colleagues, or put on a little community forum and I would love to talk to you live from the tree tops. Just email me: observertree2011@gmail.com

And to start the week off, here is a new short film about what I’m doing in the tree tops! This film was made by Joel Philp and is a great introduction to The Observer Tree. Check it out and spread it around…

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  1. You are a fierce determination coupled with a soft, loving heart. Daily thanks for your ongoing effort.

  2. Great clip Miranda and hope there are lots of takers on skyping you this week. I shall be in touch re a forum. Love you work xx

  3. Thanks for being a voice for the forest Miranda, your commitment is inspiring and heartening. x

  4. Hello Miranda,
    Joel is my son and we were glad he took the time to visit you and make this film because vision is a very powerful tool and shows so many people what you are about, and these areas are so ecologically spectacular, the next generations can see we didn’t just lay down and die, the next generation did fight for what is right.
    Thank you, I have visited the forests in Tassie and they look like what the world must have been like before we started fidling. When you are finished, come down and have a cold beer in South Aussi.
    Love Karen,Stuart,Joel and Brodie Philp.

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