Media Release: Devils demand den protection

 Four conservationists have been arrested today at Forestry Tasmania’s Hobart headquarters. An alliance of forest groups including Still Wild Still Threatened, Huon Valley Environment Centre and Code Green conducted a “sit in” dressed as Tasmanian devils. The “devils” occupied the atrium of the Forestry Tasmania building and refused to leave. Four demonstrators were arrested and charged with committing a Trespass. They have subsequently been released on bail.

Today’s action highlights community concerns surrounding recent findings of a healthy juvenile devil in an area scheduled for logging, in the forest of the Tyenna Valley, surrounding The Observer Tree. Miranda Gibson, permanent resident of The Observer Tree platform for the past four months, released footage of the young devil on Monday

“This footage is evidence of the existence of devil dens in the area. In December Still Wild Still Threatened released footage of a mother devil in the same location. Had logging proceeded in this area over summer, the maternal den site would have been disturbed and this young devil may not have survived. This highlights the importance of protecting these forests for the future survival of this species” said Ms Gibson

“Maternal dens are used from generation to generation. It is likely that this young devil may raise young in the same area. With these findings it is now more critical than ever that these high conservation value forests are formally protected” said Ms Gibson.

“Tasmanians are calling for greater protection for Tasmania’s most iconic species. The Tasmanian devil and other endemic species are at risk of extinction due to rapid decreases in population and secure undisturbed habitat. The community is demanding Forestry Tasmania and the State Government install immediate measures to ensure the restoration and protection of habitat for our unique species. Protection of the 572,000ha of native forests, over half of which were identified by the government’s experts as key habitat for the Tasmanian Devil, is the obvious first step to take.” said spokesperson for today’s action Ali Alishah (Still Wild Still Threatened).

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  1. Interesting, people always winge about protesters, unfortunately sometimes it’s the only way to get your point across, then again no reason to protest if we weren’t stuffing up the planet!
    Cheers Miranda, keep pumping out the info!

  2. allegra biggs dale

    Strong and committed to real conservation values, in other words willing to put yourselves in potentially life threatening situations to make your voice heard on behalf of supporters, on the range of issues facing us in Tasmania. It’s a reflection of your morality and sense of justice, a window into your souls, we are very proud of you all and thank you for the endless blocks you endure on behalf of our community. One day you will be crossing that finish line as the winning team. Allegra

  3. Nice to see that Forestry Tasmania’s dome has attracted the iconic Tassie devil. They must be doing things right to be able to attract wildlife into the centre of the CBD or perhaps the forest within the dome is of HCV either way keep up the great work FT.

  4. All power to you! solidarity, strength and peace. Thank you all for continuing to highlight the issues.Wish it as mainstream always Thanx miranda for standing tall for our trees. keep warmX

  5. Thanks for fighting for the humans and the devils and for something other than the profit motive that the government seems interested in. Keep plugging away!!!

  6. emma kefford

    hey miranda,
    me and gem are going to come and visit this week. is that cool? anything you want us to bring in particular?
    lotsa love, crunch xox

  7. G’day Miranda:

    I’m following your blog from Alaska, which shows the power of protest to reach people around the world. Thanks so much for dedicating this part of your life to protecting the greater life to which we all belong.

    Anyone who has experienced Tasmania’s incredible forests and enormous trees knows what’s at stake, knows why you;re making this stand, knows the importance of supporting your courage and commitment, knows the importance of protecting what remains of Tasmania’s spectacular wild places.

    We depend on forests for the air we breathe, for the climate that sustains us, for the beauty that nurtures our souls. Borders are a human fantasy…it’s only one earth. We’re all indebted to you doing this for every one of us. A huge cheer for you from the far north!

  8. Dear brave Miranda,

    Can I begin by saying that I wish you nothing but warmth and success in your noble endeavour.

    I recently returned to Melbourne and my studies in professional writing after a 6 day jaunt in the immaculate wilderness that stretches the length of the ‘Overland’.
    I’m not new to the wilderness, but I have to say that I was blown away by the magic, the awe and the age!

    Once I had very reluctantly returned home to Melbourne I bought myself a copy of Anna Krien’s heartbreaking ‘Into the Woods’ and am now a deep in the text and growing quietly furious.

    My two great passions are the wilderness and writing, and so upon returning to my studies I found myself wanting to share my experience in the woods down there. A recent assessment task enabled me to write a personal essay on the woods as sancuary and church for want of a better word…my final paper asks me to profile someone I find particularly relevant and interesting. Someone that reveals something about a subculture of a cause of which the general public could be enlightened upon…and a friend of mine, a fellow writer and bushie suggested in a stroke of genius that I contact you here at your blog.

    It would be such an honour to do, while offering another opportunity for the world to get an insight into what it is you are trying to achieve and where it is you are coming from. Too often I overhear folks in the city dismiss activism as a socialist extremity, or greenies as feral terrorists, and if you were to approve, the profile could well be published somewhere that could certainly raise a little more awareness.

    All that I would require of you is an interview – preferably there in your treehouse, (alas I’m here in Melbourne) or ideally on skype? And I would permission, if you knew of any others that would be happy to speak about you – friends or colleagues or family – to speak with them also.

    I hope this message finds you fit and well, and in high spirit brave wood sprite.

    I very much look forward to hearing from you soon, and hope that you will agree to be engaged in my project.

    Warmest of Melbournian regards,


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