Media Release: Tasmania’s forest groups looking for swift resolution and forest protection

Grassroots environment groups will take a watching brief over the next fortnight of forest talks in Tasmania, after today’s announcement that Forest Industries Association of Tasmania (FIAT) will return to the table for negotiations. Huon Valley Environment Centre, Still Wild Still Threatened and Code Green remind people today that unique forests are still being destroyed.

“While verified world-heritage value forests disappear and critical endangered species habitat vanishes, the native forest logging industry lingers in an irreversible decline. Immediate protection of 572 000ha of native forest, and a transition out of industrial scale native forest logging, is the only solution for the environment and the industry,” said Ms. Weber spokesperson for Huon Valley Environment Centre.

“FIAT has been holding back these talks over the future of forest protection in Tasmania.  The negotiations have been stalled while FIAT remained outside the process and continued to level false accusations at community groups highlighting environmental concerns. We recognise the positive gesture by FIAT to proactively engage in securing a protection outcome,” Jenny Weber said.

“Tasmania’s native forests and wildlife are unique icons that draw international attention. To squander assets of such immeasurable value is to fuel the downward spiral in the current native forest industry. Protection of the verified 572 000ha of high conservation value forest and a transition to an ethical and sustainable industry is the way forward to securing stability in international markets,” said Miranda Gibson of Still Wild Still Threatened.

“We would like to remind everyone that while the negotiations occur the logging of world heritage value and unique native forests is continuing.  A resolution is needed within a strict timeframe so the ongoing logging in these precious ecosystems ceases.  I will continue to occupy this mature eucalypt tree, known as the ObserverTree, in these threatened forests until protection is secure,” Miranda Gibson said.

“These are iconic world heritage value forests in Tasmania and now it’s time for their legislated protection. This is a crucial moment for the Intergovernmental Agreement which could result in these globally significant forests being given the protection they deserve.” said Jared Irwin of CODE GREEN.

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  1. A positive development. This agreement just has to be signed, NOW! Hang in there Miranda, you ARE making a huge difference!

  2. Garry Stannus

    Agreed … agreed entirely!

  3. Hey Miranda

    Power to you sister – the world thanks you for your efforts. Keep standing tall for the tall stands around you, ciao, s

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