Miranda’s Daily Blog: Day 159

It’s been an interesting week in Tasmania. With the forest negotiations back in full swing now that the Forest Industries Association of Tasmania (FIAT) have re-entered the talks. The talks have been stalled for a while now with FIAT refusing to engage and scapegoating environmentalists, blaming us for their decision not to be involved. At last they must have realised that the future of the industry is going nowhere without forest protection. It is clear products in the global marketplace that have come from the destruction of Tasmania’s precious forests will not be viable in the long-term. The industry needs a resolution too, because it needs to move forward out of native forest destruction for its own sake.

Meanwhile, as the talks continue the forests are still under threat. Without interim protection of a moratorium (due well over a year ago and never implemented) or a conservation agreement (due 9 months ago, never fully implemented) the very forests they are discussing are being lost everyday.  And meanwhile, as the talks continue, Ta Ann are still misleading their customers in the international market, claiming to be selling “eco wood.” Just recently  an article appeared in the Malaysian Star where Ta Ann were quoted as saying “the timber is from managed regrowth forests or from pruned plantations.”   There is clear and documented evidence that Ta Ann’s wood supply demands are the key driver behind destruction of high conservation value, world heritage value and old growth forests and that these forests continue to be logged despite the negotiation process.

This is why I believe that now more than ever we need to keep the pressure up in order to ensure that this process does deliver forest protection.  Now is the time, in the next few weeks to make sure that those involved in the talks and Ta Ann know the absolute necessity of protecting the forests and transitioning the industry out of native forest destruction. If you haven’t already signed the cyber action, please do and share it around.

As I started to imagine what it might be like if there is a positive outcome and forest protection delivered soon…. This got me to imagining what it would be like to get down out of the tree!  What would it be like to put my feet on the ground again? I started to imagine the things I might do (have a long hot bath) , the people I might see (my Mum), the places I might go! Prehaps not a good idea… I think my sanity relies on taking every day as it is up here. Not thinking about the future, not imagining all the things I might do when I get back to the ground. Just accepting each day for what it is. Because I don’t know how long it will be till I get down. I can’t make any plans for the future. It seems strange to look into the future and see so much uncertainty… it could be soon, but what if there is no outcome that results in forest protection? What then? In this way I am connected to the forests even more than ever, because like me the forests must wait in a time of uncertainty. The wedge tail eagles, the Tasmanian devils, the spot tail quolls, they must all wait while their futures are decided. Will they be safe and secure for the future? Will the baby devil here have babies growing up in the same den that it was born in? Or will its den be lost forever? I wait and the forest waits.

Imagine what it will mean for Tasmania if the forests are protected? Imagine what it will mean for all of these places that remain… the pristine untouched forests that have been evolving for hundreds of thousands of years. These areas that are marked for logging, that are waiting on death-row… they will be free to survive into the future, indefinitely, permanently. Imagine what it will mean for the animals. The ones whose fate is held in the balance right now. Who may end up trapped under log-loaders, who may be left homeless, the ones who may face the firing squad as they innocently munch on seedlings in a clearfell. They do not know that this is the future that may await them. I hope that they will never know it. I hope they can go about their lives in peace and they will never know that they were on the brink of death, perhaps on the brink of extinction. I hope….

But I guess for their sakes we have to do more than hope. We have to do everything in our power to make sure that we create a future for Tasmania’s forests and wildlife. These next few weeks could be critical in terms of locking in a solution that is good for the forests, or not. Please get on board, let’s do everything we can, for the sake of those devils and pademelons who cannot speak for themselves.

Please help protect Tasmania’s precious forests.
Click HERE to sign the online action.

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  1. Good stuff!

  2. Have ta quote a Taswegian from TT for a larf:

    “Youse bloody poofters. Why cannt I have fun to. I tell yha Im gunna
    not vote fer ye next time. Get stuffed. I love destroying and rooting
    the coutry. I have rights to ye now.”

    (Comes courtesy of David R, 21/05/12, commenting #4 on TT, http://tasmaniantimes.com/index.php?/weblog/article/tarkine-heritage-must-not-be-vandalised-brown/show_comments/)

    You’ve just gotta enjoy the community iteraction.

  3. Robert thomas

    Very nicely said. You have touched my soul with your words.Your empathy for the forest and nature is heartwarming. I can tell how much it means to you . I admire your resolve and commitment.I wish more people had the guts to put there lives on hold for the sake of our ecosystems.I hope you can stay warm and safe in your tree, you are a special person, and you should be very proud of yourself. For you nothing else matters until the forest is secure. I respect that immensely, stay safe and I look forward to your next blog.

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