Miranda’s Daily Blog: Day 202

Sometimes life up here feels full of good-byes. Maybe that is how life goes, hey?

I stood looking down through the trapdoor in my platform. I watch as one of my best friends disappeared down the rope, getting and smaller and smaller. I step away and when I look back the rope dangles lifelessly towards an empty patch of mud beneath the tree. He is gone. Another good-bye.

I guess if I wasn’t in this tree I’d still have to say goodbye. I’d still have friends that decide to move away from this island. But some how it seems harder up here, because every good-bye is followed by isolation. It’s just the forest and me, quietly contemplating solitude.

It’s interesting how the solitude of this experience has at times been one of the hardest things and at other times one of the most incredible aspects of life up here. I  have had more time to myself then I ever have and probably ever will. It’s been plenty of time to reflect on life.  There is something special about the feeling of it just being me and the forest here. No one else in sight for kilometers. To be here in the peacefulness of the forest, listening to the birds, and coming to understand the forest in away that can only be done quietly and over time. The Observer Tree has turned out to be a personal journey for me as much as a public campaign.

On the flip side is the challenge of loneliness. I miss being around people, laughing with old friends and making new ones, being part of a community. I have learnt to enjoy my own company, but as you can imagine, it’s not always enough.  And I guess the hard thing is that visits from friends (and recently my Mum!) always feel too brief. They are here and then they are gone. It feels strange to watch them go and know I can’t leave.

The friends that have supported me over these past six months have meant so much to me. It sure would have been a lot harder to do this without their visits,  phone calls and letters. Although there have been many incredible things about being up here, it isn’t always easy. And I want to take this opportunity to say thank you to the people in my life who have been there to listen or cheer me up when I have felt a bit overwhelmed by it all. Although I maintain hope and inspiration that we are going to protect this forests, it is still hard not to feel a bit scared sometimes,  overwhelmed by the possibility that the industry may continue to destroy these forests into the future. It’s even more overwhelming when I am here looking out over this forest and wanting to do everything possible to ensure its survival, but not always knowing how or if I even can.  And on those days it’s good to have someone to chat to who knows that feeling – the delicate balance between hope for the future of the forest and the sadness of witnessing their destruction.

To my friends who share the same histories, the same stories… who share my love for these trees, these places that I hold to dear to my heart. My friends who have fought alongside me in this seemingly never-ending battle to end the destruction. Those who have seen what I have seen, who’ve stood beside me and watched our favourite trees taken down by chain-saws. Who have stood with me in peaceful protest while we have faced violence against us. My friends who help carry the burden that comes with knowing the devastating reality of forest destruction. My friends who constantly inspire me. All of the crew whose determination and committment is constantly put to the test by the challenges of trying to protect Tasmania’s’ unique environment. To my friends who inspire me because of their love for the forest: Thank you! And I have felt so honoured when friends have said  I am an inspiration to them too.

I hope that we can continue to inspire each other. Just as I hope that I can inspire all those who read my blog. Just as I am constantly inspired by all the people out there who have come on board, have read my blog and written comments, who have taken action and who have come to love this forest even though they may never see it.

Thank you.

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  1. hey what a beautiful blog post! I really admire you for doing your tree sit! It must be strange and surreL and wonderful and frightening and magical!! Always remember that there thousands of people thinking of you sometime each day n we are with you in spirit. Go girl!!! Your a demon!!

  2. Keep up Miranda! Please know that you are doing this behalf of many of us who have families and are supporting you, supporting the cause to protect the environnment for the future generations to come. I always read your blog and post it on facebook. You are fantastic!

  3. Hi Miranda,

    Thanks so much for everything you have already achieved from your lofty perch!

    I once spent 4 entire months bushwalking, and so can at least partly appreciate a connection with nature that you are experiencing. For me, this became a spiritual connection that will never leave me, and any time I go out bushwalking now it feels like I’m coming home again!

    I worry that too many on this planet are trapped in an urban existence, never knowing just how special our wild places are, and therefore never quite understanding the full importance of protecting them. Thank goodness for the power of education and for nature documentaries (as well as news stories such as yours) that can at least take magnificent images directly into people’s homes. I do believe that conservation outcomes are moving in the right direction….just way too slowly for all of us engaged in the issue!

    So, well done for your amazing efforts, and please take special care to look after yourself during the next few weeks until the air gets warmer again. Let’s all hope for a good breakthrough from the IGA process in a few weeks time. It that doesn’t happen, or hits further delays, then witnessing the magical transformation of the forest into spring could at least be a wonderful consolation.

    All the best,
    Kev Rothery

  4. Hey Miranda, It must be hard for you up there in the middle of winter alone, my heart goes out to you. The forests are so lucking to have such an amazing woman like you defending them. I miss the Tassie community and the forests so much, such an imprint has been left in my sole. I have been singing All Aboard, by Milk at acoustic gigs and my own song that i sang all the time out there about holding onto the moment of beauty, they still mean a lot too me and get the best applause when i sing them! I’ve been asking for people to read your blog and to write to you from England, I’m going to be more firm when i ask from this moment on.
    Be strong sweetheart, i love you so much, Abby xxxx

  5. Margaret Agrey

    Hi dear Miranda, its like a retreat in getting to know all the aspects of your self and understand that many of us feel excatly as you do. Each day i wonder how much more concrete can we get. I shall think of you as the Festival of Voices come into play and imagine the orchrestra of elements and the forest songs continue to embelish your couragous heart and mind and sing you songs of gratitude. Cheers maggy

  6. Ginny McVarish


    Greetings from Boston. Hang in there. Although I have been to Tasmania twice (and hope to go back) I may well never get to meet you or see your tree. And yet I admire you and wish I could do something to help. I do what I can, reading your posts on Facebook regularly and writing to you when I can, but that doesn’t feel like enough. Your efforts are fantastic – I admire you so much. You’re the best!

    Cambridge, MA, USA

  7. This is such a moving blog. Thank you for sharing with us. It was a sad day saying goodbye to two of our team yesterday. And life without them will be changed. Though know that there is still a support crew for you on the ground here that are bolstered by your stand for the forests. Sending you love.

  8. Yvette Jennings

    Remember it is never good bye, it is see you later.xxx

  9. Glenys Gibson

    Good friends are precious jewels of the heart my darling, you are a precious gem, sending you lots of love and cyber hugs xxxxxx

  10. Philip Cocker

    Have no doubt Miranda that you are providing inspiration to many and that when you look back in the future you will know that you have done something of significance and great value. At the time we do something our actions may not be immediately measurable as they as they are a part of bigger things I am in no doubt as to the value of your extraordinary contribution. Thank you.

  11. Thank you Miranda for sharing your emotions. This is a beautiful blog giving us insight in your endurance. I am doing what I can to help getting these forests protected but yes, it’s a slow process but it could be the culmination of decades of hard work and advocacy. My heart feels heavy too at times knowing about all the ecocide that has taken place in Australia, and it doesn’t seem to stop. My mental health is in a fragile state seeing more and more beauty and wildness disappear and the all out onslaught on Australian land and marine areas for oil, gas and minerals. Many good initiatives have led to more protection of marine life recently so I’m hoping the same will happen for the forests. My spirit is with you and I’m doing a training week in Bicheno next week and am looking into hiking to your tree for moral support. Hopefully I will get there. You are making a difference Miranda. Hang in there! Much Love, Margo

  12. agree 100% with all & Yvette…& that even death is a myth, just another, ‘see ya later’….sure must be a trip when u get a visitor:)…what’s the bet u cry when u return to Mother Earth…(which u can any time u choose)…its amazing that u have endured this recent weather conditions…reckon if u can do that then really the only challenge for u is the solitude…which u also seem to be handling pretty well….hell it really is easier after all:)…what about a companion of the animal kind?…is that possible?…not one of your many wild friends that visit u all the time, although i bet they’re pretty cool anyway….have u got a castaway ‘wilson’ ball yet:)…i bet tom hanks wished he had a phone & PC….way the world is today with virtual coms & kids sms coms across rooms etc…u really are not that far from the norm at all….what about a commission deal on the famous Observer Tree swag add…can handle extreme weather with ease….u’ve certainly made my winter pretty easy so far…only have to think of u to realize what real guts is….so proud of ya…GB

  13. Garry Stannus

    It’s hard for us too, we who endorse you. We want you down, yet like you, we want the forest protected. Fingers crossed…

  14. Hey Miranda It might seem like some of our mates are leaving, but one sunny day they will be back on the island, I’m sure of it

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