Miranda’s Daily Blog: Day: 213

“Do you ever get sick of the view?” people often asked me. I wonder, how on earth could I get sick of this? No, it’s quiet the opposite. It’s been amazing to see the landscape change over the seasons and even change from moment to moment on a single day. Today was one of those days. I was sitting inside my tarp, listening to the sound of the rain while I typed. When the rain fell silent, I looked out through the gap in the tarp and was filled with a sense of awe. “Wow” I thought to myself, “I can’t believe I live up here! I must be the luckiest person in the world.” I got up and stepped ‘outside.’ The sun was shining softly through a layer of mist, giving the trees in the distance a spectacular green and golden shine. The next moment mist was making it’s way through the valley, creeping it’s long silvery fingers up along the ridges. After a moment of forest watching I went back to my computer work. Soon even the air inside my tarp began to fog up with mist and it was almost getting hard to see my computer screen! I looked out to the landscape once again. I couldn’t see a single thing beyond my tree, just thick white fog. And now the fog is lifting, revealing the forests beneath once more. The colours of the forest are rich and deep, still moist from the rain. And the branches of my tree seem to sparkle with jewels, as the last droplets of rain cling to their underbellies, glistening in the setting sun.

With the seasons changing I have noticed the way it has effected the birds and insects up here. In summer I was busy entertaining a variety of insects, especially an abundant population of spiders. But with the cold weather they just don’t’ seem to be around any more. I saw one spider the other day and was reminded of how much I had struggled to overcome my fear of spiders. I finally got used to the little critters and then they decided to leave me alone!

The birds that visit me are doing their rounds so much earlier now that winter has set in, making use of the minimal amount of sun while it’s still up. In the cold and windy weather they are never quiet as lively. Then as soon as the sun breaks through the clouds that hover above Mount Field, the birds take the opportunity to enjoy the temporary relief from the cold and dark conditions. As do I. So I find myself out on the platform amongst a cacophony of birds.

So maybe you can understand now that some times it’s hard to get work done up here! I just settled back into my typing earlier today and then I heard them come… “bird time!” I thought to myself. The groups of strong billed and black headed honey eaters and the one yellow throat were here. They chatter and chirp their way around the branches of the tree, pecking under strips of bark. I stand on the platform and they are all around me, darting above and below. For a moment this tree is buzzing with activity and then swoop, swoop, swoop… they fly off to continue their rounds in the other trees.

It’s funny how you can just be going about your day and almost stop paying attention to where you are. That is what I was doing as I was getting my dinner ready last night. I had lots on my mind and was just busy thinking about what I needed to do after dinner. When I glanced up and for a moment my mind went blank. And I sat for a minute in silence just looking out at the landscape. At the place frame by two tree branches, where in the distance two mountain ranges meet in a deep valley. The mist was settling into the crevise between the mountains and slowly shifting colours pale pink and golden organge as the sun set on the other side of the sky, sinking behind Mount Mueller. It’s incredible and so hard to describe, those moments when you stop thinking about anything and just let the silence wrap around you. I guess it’s the kind of state that people try to achieve though mediation. Up here it’s easy to have those moments, because the forest lends itself to feeling a sense of peaceful quiet.

And so, how can I get bored up here? Every moment the forest is changing!

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  1. Miranda, you are an inspiration..

  2. I’d guess you’ll never leave your perch…

    As far as you may find yourself you’ll always be there; I’ve climbed tall trees since very young, for pleasure, work and voluntarily and understand your words here, immediately drawn back to exactlyn the same experiences you describe – the water in me is the water in them, they don’t forget me I won’t forget them…

    The similar struggle here in the Victorian central highlands continues, and I’m constantly inspired by others, though by you in particular, as are many others i’m sure and you may not see us, hear us, read about us or know us, yet the water in us knows the water in you and through these majestic forests and their waters we are connected, intertwined and never far apart…

    We and they thank you, Miranda… See you in the mist… A brother in arms…

  3. Just lovely, when I read the blog I feel like I am there! And such a wonderful photo. Keep up the great work you are doing, such a spectacular achievement! You are not bored, and you are not lonely, if you feel at all alone, think of the people like myself who are with you everyday, even if only in thought and spirit!

  4. Adam has been telling me snippets of his book he is reading, What the robin knows, How birds reveal the secrets of the natural world. And how each bird is an individual and has certain characters. When you take the time to watch them you notice small things about each one.

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