Miranda’s Daily Blog: Day 215

This time last week I celebrated my birthday in the tree sit. It was an amazing day with visits from people in the local community and from Hobart. Today I made this little film about the day. Hope you enjoy!


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  1. What a lovely video Miranda, so lovely to see all those beautiful community people out there at the Observer Tree celebrating your birthday with you xxxxx Loved the singing C xx

  2. How fantastic!! Thanks so much for letting me in on the party. Go Miranda!!!

  3. Hi Miranda, I was at your birthday party and it was a great day. So nice to see footage of how the day was for you up in the tree, and the present opening!

  4. great vid , you brought a smile to my face,,I”m glad you had a happy day.

  5. Hi Miranda I am currently living on a croft on the northern tip of Lewis which is the northenmost island in the Outer Hebrides off the west coast of Scotland. The air is clear, the sea is blue and there are no trees! Partly due to glacial events a long time ago and also human clearing. It has been strange to be in a place for 2 months with no trees It makes me so appreciate what we have in our precious forest landscape in Tassie .
    We burn peat in the fuel stove for hot water and cooking because there is no wood. I will be even more aware of the tree I fell and burn each year for my own needs when I return. Thank you for sticking it out through the winter I know it has been very cold. Hoping that you will have two feet on the ground before I get back in early August. What a party that will be. Much love and many many warm thoughts for you each evening. xxx Cass

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