Media Release: Tree sitter renews commitment after visit from Bob Brown.

 24- 07 -2012

On the day that that IGA process was due to deliver an outcome for Tasmania’s forests, long time environmentalist and former federal senator, Dr. Bob Brown, visited Miranda Gibson’s tree-sit in the threatened Tyenna Valley. Dr. Brown made the 60 meter ascent to the reach the platform on which Ms Gibson has been living for the past seven months. The pair discussed the forests and the future of Tasmania, over a cup of teatop tea.

“Today I am making a renewed commitment to my stay in the Observer Tree. There was some hope that yesterday a deal would be reached between industry and environment groups that would bring an end to the logging of high conservation value forests. However, there has been no such agreement so far. This means that world heritage value forests are still under threat and subject to logging right now. I will therefore continue my treetop vigil to speak up for these forests and the species that call them home” said Ms Gibson.

“The visit from former senator Bob Brown has strengthened my resolve and commitment. He brought with him a message of support not only from himself, but from people all around Australia who want to see these forests protected. It was an inspirational visit and it has given me the courage to continue my efforts in the face of uncertainty about the progress of the forest talks” said Ms Gibson.

Meeting with Bob Brown reminded me of how many people have spent their lives tirelessly working towards the protection of these forest. Over the past decades Tasmania has lost significant tracts of forest and now it is time to ensure that our remaining high conservation value forests are protected” said Ms Gibson.

“Today I want to renew the vow I made seven months ago when I first climbed this tree. I want the world to know that I am not going anywhere until this forest is safely protected from logging” said Ms Gibson.

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  1. Thanks Miranda for hanging in there for all of us.

  2. Hello Miranda,
    regardless of what the rest of society thinks, if every individual made an effort to realise what is being done to the planet and took positive action, we wouldn’t be in the environmental mess we are today.
    Your contribution to your own well being is outstanding.You will never forget this experience!

  3. Matty Campbell-Ellis

    Hi Miranda, along with every activist around the world, our forests and our beautiful planet, you are all an inspiration. Take care, Matty.

  4. Congratulations on the media articles around your tree sitting Australian record, the vision brought real perspective to what these beautiful forests look like after these logging companies have denuded and trashed these areas.

  5. Reblogged this on takesonetwoknowone and commented:
    Taking care of business… The seeming father of Australia’s environmental movement takes one small step for man and one giant leap for Miranda… Hope you said g’day to the bullies below Bob!

  6. Fantastic to see you and Bob together in your tree home. I am am sure Bob was inspiring!
    There are many like myself, who in spirit are sitting up there, right beside you!

  7. How wonderful you both had the chance to talk up there in the beautiful Observer Tree.

  8. Good for you, Miranda. You’re a star!

  9. Wow … Miranda really needed this visit. After all she has done sitting in that wonderful forest for seven months and some recent work we have been doing that has brought us down. Bob was the perfect visitor yesterday. And that pic of you two is wonderful.

  10. It’s encouraging to know that people can and will be devoted to what truly matters in life after all is said and done. Your courage and determination, your commitment to the preservation of Mother Earth’s life-giving resources is more than remarkable, and deserves all of our greatest admiration and support. Please keep us posted to any petition efforts you support, so we can support them as well (those of us who are far from Tasmania). It’s the least we can do, and will do it gladly. Miranda, you are a champion and a hero, and this planet, our shared Pale Blue Dot, our collective Home, will be a better place thanks to you and to people like you who don’t just talk the talk but walk the walk. Kudos and keep up with the amazing work! We are with you!!

  11. Miranda, there are at least 1 million other Australians sitting in that treetop with you. Thank you for representing us.

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