Miranda’s Daily Blog: Day 223

What an inspirational day I had yesterday with Bob Brown!

   Please help to protect Tasmania’s precious forests:

    CLICK HERE to take action now.

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  1. You are truly wonderful!
    How great for Bob to join you up there in the tree and show such true support.
    I do hope it won’t be too much longer for you Miranda and you will be able to have that cup of tea with Bob at the foot of the tree in safe and protected times for the forest. Much love to you x

  2. Hi Miranda, just wanted to say hello. We were with Bob and Paul tonight when Bob called you (the other 8 voices in the background saying hello). Happy to say you inspired everyone at dinner and lovely to hear directly about you, the tree and the forest around.
    Best wishes, Simon (and everyone who was with Bob and Paul).

  3. Fantastic clip of your visit from Bob and Paul, and the cake looked yummy. Very brave of Bob and Paul to come up the 60 metres and they both looked very relaxed. Very inspiring words and wonderful support from Bob. We are all thinking of you xxxx

  4. Hi Miranda, I too was in the room with Bob when he rang you last night. Good on you for standing up (or sitting up) for what you believe in. You have many more supporters than you would realise out there, including on the mainland.
    Best wishes,
    Mark Parnell MLC
    Parliamentary leader, Greens SA

    PS. Bob mentioned your campaign again on ABC local radio here in Adelaide this morning, so word is certainly getting out.

  5. Hi Miranda – We have put up your Bob Brown meeting on Facebook – http://www.facebook.com/EnvironmentalActivism – and have made you our cover photo. We are seeking to highlight the work of activists. Keep up the great work!

  6. Thats great he is the man and now he is finished with politics he can do more conservation work.. It would hae been amazing to meet him. Now to get Julia up your tree haha.

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