Media Release: Environment groups worried about Forests Agreement failure to reach deadline.

Still Wild Still Threatened and Huon Valley Environment Centre are expressing concern about the Tasmanian Forests Agreement failing to be reach a resolution yet.

“It’s worrying that an agreement has not been reached. We hope there will not be any concessions made on the full reserve ask and secure conservation outcomes. We are hopeful this process will provide significant conservation gains. At this final stage as agreement between the forestry industry and some environment groups is appearing difficult, we hope that the threatened forests with important conservation values are not left open for logging,” Huon Valley Environment Centre’s Jenny Weber said.

“With the government’s failure to implement a moratorium, every day that talks continue more and more of the  high conservation value forest that is the subject of those talks is in fact being lost to logging. We remain hopeful that a resolution will be reached soon that will see an end to the destruction of these forests. It is critical for the conservation of Tasmania’s unique environment that the full verified area of world heritage and national heritage value forests receives formal legislated protection” said Miranda Gibson spokesperson for Still Wild Still Threatened.

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  1. I am beginning to strongly suspect that the ‘talks’ are purely a stalling tactic to enable FT to continue unabated. It is essential to set a date of return to action and end of negotiation, in 20 years of living here this is the second time the loggers have been so busy, 24\7.
    A civil suit against Tasmania Gov and Forestry combined with a full and comprehensive audit of the accounts of both will evidence a trail of corruption and greed from the days of Robin Grey right through to the present. These guys are criminals!

    Go Miranda! Go the ground crew! Keep the pressure on! Thanks for your efforts Jenny.

  2. I’m sure they believe they’re oh so clever with their pen-pushing, red-tape long-drawn- out antics; it’s their children that pay for their games, and their children… Ignorance is still bliss in Australian politics… Love your method of fight Miranda, go-you-good-thing!

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