Miranda’s Daily Blog: Day 239 & 240

It’s snowing! What a beautiful experience to witness this forest in the snow. Although it has snowed quiet a few times throughout winter now, this week was the first time that the snow settled properly on the tree tops. It was like a winter wonderland up here! I hope you enjoy my photos. (And stay tuned for a little video blog coming soon too).

Help protect this amazing forest from industrial scale logging… click HERE.

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  1. Wow! It’s so beautiful – and you are so cold and brave …

  2. I just had the privilege of hearing Bob Brown speak at Murdoch Uni in Perth. He spoke of you with the highest regard and told us how long you have been up the tree and how in recent days it has started to snow. I just wanted to say you represent something so important to us all – the ability to believe in the possibility that we can make a difference in this world. I cannot begin to imagine what you are experiencing (though your blogs give me some insight) but I want you to know that there are many of us on the ground who will be thinking of you every night while you remain up that beautiful tree and hoping your courageous stand is a great success.

  3. The Snow looks magic 🙂 and you are MAGIC TOO xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  4. So beautiful Miranda! I spent the day at Mt Field yesterday and the snow was so deep, it was very surreal. And very cold too! You are amazing for sticking it out 🙂

  5. Big ups Miranda. Make sure Mad Dog keeps up the hot tea deliveries xxx

  6. You are simply Amazing. I wish more people had your spirit and passion! So humble in your presence! Keep fighting for those who do not have a voice. Stay warm up there!!!

  7. Wow. I have no idea how you keep warm. Hats of to you Miranda. It looks absolutely amazing. And you are truly amazing.

  8. Oh boy! What a tough week of weather around the state. Great pix! Soft bush rainbow. Yet the tension of the IGA stuff building. What will happen this weekend? Oh gee! The big shots are flying in to help the signatories. More pressure. What big shots want to protect our forests? Not the Ministers. Why isn’t our state Environment Minister a part of all this? Instead of Bryan Green?

  9. Thankyou Miranda, you are a legend 🙂

  10. Great photos. I hope you’re keeping warm up there.

  11. Looks beautiful and so so cold!!

  12. I just wish that more people cared..for the forests..and for you so that you can go home to your family like we all can..I’d tip my hat to you Miranda, if I wore one…take care.

  13. Hey Miranda,
    How are you? Hope you are staying dry and warm.Well done on your achievement so far.The Olympics are on at the moment and if they gave medals for conservation you would win. You deserve the gold medal in Forrest protection!!

  14. Exotic… And Miranda, a warm hug, you are fantastic!

  15. These photos are all awesome, but that last one with the rainbow wins out by far. Thank you for sharing so much of your tree-experiences with those down here on the ground!

  16. HI Miranda, its maggy from cascade co housing, thinking of you in the essence of impermanance. the coming and the goining of seasons and the blessings of the snow and your couragous spirit. Sharing gratitude and thanks. We are commencing a songline project inviting singers form around tasmania , australia and the world to come and be in the environment to sing and be with Terra ferma Cheers maggy

  17. Hi Miranda you go girl,saw you this morning on channel seven.Stay connected,dont stop being you! Ive lived in the bega valley and other areas of nsw in the bush and now im back in sydney and i hate it.I would much rather be where you are.I have been on both sides of the fence as a protestor but also as a trained tree faller,but my heart could never let me cut the beautiful things down as a career.My grandfather and great grandfather were both fallers and bullock drivers up near bellingen nsw.What im trying to say is keep following your heart and dont let any of those redneck alcoholics guilt trip you.Great spirit is looking after you,xx.simon

  18. I applaude you Miranda Unfortunately the VIRUS that is the human race will continue to rape our beautiful planet for self serving monetary gain until theres nothing left. It is nice to know that there are still people like your lovely self who care enough to act on behalf of our fragile mother earth
    Thank you and keep safe.
    Larry 50 Albury n.s.w
    & THE CRANKY SPANNERS rock band

  19. A beautiful beaming face and a warm heart a midst all that snow. It is not only your courage that is inspiring Miranda, but how your deep love of the forest shines through in every post- it is very moving. You now look to be a part of it, as if you took root and grew there, reminding us that we are all a part of it xx

  20. You are so brave Miranda. I send you a warm hug and my deepest admiration. This is incredible and you will succeed, I am sure. Thank you and I hope can warm up. Karin

  21. Hi Miranda, I saw your story on tv, here in Italy, and I believe that you are wonderfully determined and brave….thank you for this…. I am near to you…. Ciao Giuliano

  22. Hi Miranda.
    We are two italian children: Irene 10 years old and Enea 8 years old.
    You are very great.
    Thank you for all that you are doing.
    Good luck.
    Irene and Enea.

  23. Hi Miranda!i’m an italian boy who has known your struggle in an italian documentary with Vincenzo Venuto.I think that defend nature is a human right and even more a human duty.
    The Tasmanian island is a wonderful place threatened by human activities in a dangerous way to the animals of the island.You are a champion of justice and in Italy we are all with you.Please go on this way and fights for nature!

  24. hey miranda!
    years ago i threatened to chain myself to a tree to prevent some loggers from dstroying some old trees on a virgin piece of property. like most, i was more mouth than action, and i backed out then groaned throughout the week as i heard the trees crashing to the ground.

    i respect and admire you so much for doing this!

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