Media Release: Conservationists concerned about delays in forest protection

Media Release: 15 – 08 – 2012

Today’s announcement from the signatories to the forest negotiations has added uncertainty to the future of forest protection in Tasmania. Environment groups Still Wild Still Threatened and the Huon Valley Environment Center are raising concerns about the failure of negotiations to deliver conservation outcomes.

“Today’s announcement has left the future of Tasmania’s world-class forests uncertain. The interim agreement has given no clear outcomes or commitment to protect the full verified area that has been recommended for protection as world heritage and national heritage value forest. The forest that I have been living in for the past eight months remains under threat, as logging of high conservation value forests appear set to continue in the immediate future” said Miranda Gibson of Still Wild Still Threatened.

“Today’s announcement is yet another delay that will see key areas of high conservation value forest logged while talks continue over the coming weeks. This is nothing more than the window dressing as the critical issues have not been addressed. In the forest logging continues in areas with conservation values. Ta Ann continue to be a key driver of this logging, while misrepresenting the source of their timber in international markets. Tasmania’s forests need secure conservation outcomes immediately. Nothing else will suffice” said Jenny Weber of the Huon Valley Environment Center.

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  1. Yes, this is a big worry while logging continues.

  2. sounds like what they said three months ago, me thinks we are being cond.

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