Miranda’s Daily Blog: 297

On this day last year, myself and two other conservationists scaled up the side of the Sydney Opera House and unfurled a banner from the top of one of Australia’s most iconic structure. The banner read “No Harvey Norman No- Stop selling Aussie forest destruction.” It was part of a global day of action targeting the company for selling furniture made from the destruction of native forests around Australia, including in Tasmania. There were over 40 actions around the world.

A year later and Harvey Norman are still selling timber products that were once precious ecosystems. A year later and we continue to campaign for the protection of those ecosystems. Today is a good day to remember the role that retail outlets have in the cycle of destruction. Today is a good day to remind those companies that people do not want to buy forest destruction.

For those who haven’t seen it, check out this great video clip of last years successful action.

I’m sure actions like these will continue to happen, raising awareness about the forests, untill Australian native forests receive the protection they need.


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  1. Great action !

  2. Amazing the decades that slip by silently as we fight forever onwards… My daughter, niece and I protested inside and out Harvey Norman Melbourne City… I’d taken the girls up to gunbarrel coupe a couple of days before, my niece had taken several shots on her phone of the forest destruction and we did a photo shoot to make some spoofs of HN… When at Harvey Norman my niece went off inside to get some photos developed, 8×5’s, I had no idea that they were thus one awful shot inside the coupe, she then proceeded to walk around the store placing 30 odd large photos of a massacred native forest (remnant old growth pockets) coupe on top of the furniture… It was a great day of action, similarly like Friday last in Melbourne with your mate Bob, and Mr Butler doing a few gigs in town; I feel a tide rising sister, thank you…

  3. Reblogged this on takesonetwoknowone and commented:
    If we can resist bullying here through social media and protest action then our children and their children have hope also…

  4. One year since you were up on the dome of Sydney Opera House and 297 days since you have been up the Observer Tree. It may seem lonely at times but it is importan to realize that more and more people are rallying to the call. Change has got to come.

  5. Australian Blackwood Furniture! That’s what yesterday’s TV add proudly announced. It did not state whether the timber was sourced from Blackwood plantations. I would have thought, given the past campaigns, Harvey Norman would have made that point, but No! Harvey No they did not!

  6. Wow! I wasn’t aware last year that you were one of the couragious activists who scaled the roof of the Opera House in this global action against Harvey Norman. So proud of you! I was in awe at the time of this action. Keep strong! The forest agreement will have to be signed soon!

  7. You’re spending an uncommon amount of time atop World Heritage structures.

  8. Harvey Norman white ants Australian native forests, so Gerry Harvey’s criticism of Australians shopping on line being akin to white anting Australian jobs, is throwing stones in glass houses. Look at the Maccas wages Harvey Norman pays its untrained staff anyway!

    If you want a Harvey Norman product, like a Tassie Oak chair, check for sustainable alternatives online overseas and SAVE SAVE SAVE!

    Hope you go broke Gerry Harvey!

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