Guest Blog: Taya Iverach (8 years old)

Hello, I’m known as the Observer Tree. I’m a Eucalyptus, the tallest flowering trees on earth. And I live in the heart of Tasmania’s southern forest. I live with my brothers, sisters, cousins and friends. We have lived here together for hundreds of years.

Over the years all different animals have stopped by to rest for a while and eat my leaves which I am happy to share, because I am an evergreen tree so I always have plenty to go around.

My favourite animal that comes to visit is the brush tail possum. During the day they tend to sleep a lot in the hollows of my branches and they tell me that they really love the taste of the oil that comes out of my leaves. The brush tail possums are good friends because they also eat the insects that try to bug me.

Every now and then, I throw out my old leaves and twigs and they gather around my base on the ground making a whole new habitat for insects and plants to live in…… I am pretty considerate when you think about it!

Let me tell you a story about a human named Miranda Gibson that has also come to live with me.

Last December I was frightened by big crashes and when I looked around one of my cousins had vanished!!! These crashes continued and lots of other trees vanished as well. Other trees whispered to me that humans called loggers and their machines were causing the disappearances. I cannot understand why they would do this as we are part of the lungs of the land and provide the oxygen that you humans and other life depend upon, so I’m also pretty useful!

We also store lots of carbon and when we are cut down, that carbon is released into the air and due to climate change it makes it difficult for all life on this planet.

I woke up one morning to lots of human activity on the ground at my base. This frightened me because I thought they had come to cut me down.

However it turns out that they had come to help save me and all the other trees in the forest.

First they built a platform in my lower branches which is suspended by ropes they felt a bit heavy at first but I got used to it. Then one of them used a special rope and climbed up me and made herself at home on the platform. When all the humans below left, my new visitor introduced herself as Miranda and told me she was here to help protect me and all my forest family and friends and would stay as long as it took.

It has now been over 300 days that Miranda has lived with me, her other friends bring her food and water, she sings and talks to me and cuddles up close when it snows. I haven’t heard any more crashes. However, Miranda tells me that I won’t be completely safe until the logging is banned – PLEASE HELP, you humans need us trees!

Guest Blog Bio:

Taya Iverach is 8 years old. She goes to Padstow Heights Public School, and was asked to write a story about the environment. Taya chose to write about the Observer Tree. She was selected as 1 of 4 students from her school to go to the East Hills District public speaking heats. Everyone was impressed by her speech and asked many questions about the Observer Tree.

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  1. Thank you for sharing Taya wonderful story, she is a gifted writer. G x

  2. I like this so much.

  3. This is wonderful! Earth Tribe – Activist News is always keen to publicize activism by everybody, whatever age. Is there a photo or a link we could use? Many thanks.

  4. It amazes me that a child of eight can sum it up in one story. She GETS IT! Why can’t the powers that be? An enchanting read.

  5. Thanks Taya this is all so true….loved the “I haven’t heard any more crashes” part….thanks for reminding us trees are living breathing beings that should beloved & respected for all the giving they do.

  6. Carlene de Tres

    Thank you Taya from all of us – the big trees and little trees – the big people and little people YOU are an amazing little person with a BIG heart.

  7. Exquisite piece, thank you Taya!

  8. What a wonderful story to read. It brings the Observer Tree alive completely as a living and very useful being. And good on you Taya for taking your story to the public speaking heats to introduce this tree to other children. I’ve learned from your story too!

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