Miranda’s Daily Blog: Day 320

In these past few day of suffocating uncertainty about the future of the forest, there is one thing that keeps me going. Every single day I witness the beauty of the tree tops and it constantly reminds me of why I will stay up here until the job is done – until the forests are protected.

So I thought I would share some of it with you. And I hope it inspires you too.

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If you haven’t already – check out the observer tree FaceBook page.  Make sure you “LIKE” it to stay in the loop and see more pictures like these as soon as I take them! And keep checking the blog, because I have been putting together a little film about when my Mum came to stay with me in the Observer Tree! It’ll be up online in the next few days.

Please take action in defense of Tasmania’s forests: click HERE.

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  1. Miranda, my name is Pablo, I´m from Argentina. I came across an article about you at cnn.com and I was really amazed at what you are doing, I completely respect and thank you! Stay strong, we need you! Everything will work out…All the best

  2. so beautiful miranda, they look like photos of friends. big love to you and everyone else living in that enchanted forest with you. we’re thinking of you over here in WA x

  3. Great to see you up there – ENJOY!!! Looks sooo beautiful. Which is why it’s truly sad to hear of the collapse in talks. Your actions are an inspiration nevertheless, so don’t lose heart. In the mid 1990’s in the UK, the Tory gov’t completely abolished an extensive nationwide road building programme when faced with similar protests at Twyford Down, Solisbury Hill, Walthamstow etc. (even though those particular roads were eventually completed). I know what you’re going through, I’m quite envious! I still think one day I’ll get out there and build another hammock 30m up a Beech tree. You clearly understand the power of an individual… it’s all we have when the politicians fail us. Thanks and respect. If you’re bored… check Adrian Arbib’s website (he was a Guardian photographer who spent a lot of time at Solisbury Hill in 1994). http://www.solsburyhill.org.uk/ PEACE!!!

  4. Thank you for sharing those beautiful glimpses of the forest. One day I hope to get down there to see it for myself. And that all Australia’s children of the future be able to see it too. Stay strong, MIranda, many people are behind you in this. Peace and best wishes – Rowan

  5. Brave Warrior Woman! My heart aches with you but also celebrates your conviction and powerful words and action. All us old activists are there in solidarity with you. I just wish they had signed the agreement and you could come down from the tree today .
    Lisa Yeates.

  6. Hugs 🙂
    Don’t know if it been thought of before, but maybe activists could buy the forests to preserve them?
    I have oftentimes walked in forests, taking pictures of all the beautiful trees, too bad if your forest is going to be destroyed.

  7. lanjutkan perjuangan n tetap semangat.

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