Miranda’s Daily Blog: Day 323

Sometimes it can feel a bit overwhelming…. being at the top of this tree everyday, having been here for 323, and with no end in sight. This past week has been extra difficult with the added uncertainty of the forest talks collapsing. To read an in-depth analysis about the state of the forest talks – CLICK HERE – and check out the article written by myself and Jenny Weber (Huon Valley Environment Center)  published on New Matilda today.

In the time of uncertainty and the growing fears for the future of the forest – the thing that keeps me going is knowing how many people around the world support me and support forest protection. And so I want to share with you something that has really lifted my spirits. I hope it lifts yours too.
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  1. What a beautiful scarf! and wonderful drawings. A lovely gift indeed xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Gorgeous hand made book and scarf! So precious! A heartwarming gesture of children while adults keep messing things up it seems. Hold strong Miranda!

  3. It’s wonderful how you have touched the hearts and minds of so many children. And they are touching you back.

  4. That’s beautiful present there Miranda. You are doing a great job. Greetings from Ghana, Africa.

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