Negotiations have collapsed: the forests need your help! Please sign the UPDATED cyber action!

Tasmanian devils needs your help!

Sign the updated cyber action: click HERE.

It is now more important than ever for people around the world to expose the truth about Tasmanian forest destruction. On October 27th 2012 the long running Tasmanian forest negotiations collapsed. This two and a half year process has not seen even one hectare of forest securely protected yet $130 million of government money has been handed to the forestry industry.

Right now there is uncertainty about whether the talks will resume or not, although it seems unlikely.  However one thing has become clear, the forestry industry is unwilling to make the transition to environmental sustainability. Before the collapse of the talks, there was already evidence that native forest destruction would continue, foreshadowed in the Interim Agreement of August 2012. Click HERE to read an article detailing these concerns.

With or without an agreement, there is still no indication from Malaysian logging giant, Ta Ann, that they will cease accepting wood from scientifically verified national and world heritage value forests. Regardless of the outcome of forest negotiations, it is unacceptable for Ta Ann to use wood sourced from logging within the 563,000 hectares that have been independently recommended for protection. Equally unacceptable is that the company continues to sell the product as “eco-friendly” plywood.

Ta Ann told their corporate customers in Japan that their products use wood from managed regrowth and plantations. Yet, official documents have proven Ta Ann to be a key driver behind the ongoing destruction of high conservation value forests. We believe that the customer companies are concerned, but to maintain their environmental reputation they need to act. The must ensure that Ta An does not supply them with this tainted product.

We’ve updated our cyber action, so that you can join us in informing Ta Ann’s corporate customers of their important role now that there is no prospect of an acceptable forests ‘peace’ deal any time soon.. Ta Ann needs to live up to their environmental claims and cease accepting controversial wood. Ta Ann cannot be shielded by the forest negotiations, they must still accountable be to their international customers regardless of the outcome of the talks. But we need your help to expose the truth and create momentum for change.

Take action now: click HERE.

This blog post appears on, a site run by ObserverTree, Huon Valley Enviornment Center and Markets For Change, which aims to expose the truth behind Ta Ann and how their “eco lies” are driving the destruction of Tasmania’s forests.

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