Media Release: Nick Cave, John Butler, Daryl Hannah, Bob Brown and Christine Milne send messages of support for Miranda Gibson’s Year in a Tree

John Butler supports the Observer Tree

Entertainers, writers, environmentalists and politicians from around the world have today thanked Miranda Gibson, in the Observer Tree in Tasmania, for standing up for the environment by sitting in a tree for one year.

Musicians Nick Cave, John Butler, Urthboy and Blue King Brown, Daryl Hannah, environmentalist Bob Brown, Australian Greens Leader Senator Christine Milne, Independent Member of Parliament Andrew Wilkie, Peter Cundall, and Dr Peter McQuillan and US environmentalists, Derrick Jensen and Julia Butterfly Hill, Tasmanian Greens State MPs Nick McKim, Cassy O’Connor, Kim Booth, Paul O’Halloran and Tim Morris, have thanked Miranda for her ground-breaking efforts in highlighting the plight of Tasmania’s globally significant forests.

John Butler acknowledged Miranda’s dedication and commitment as an inspiration, “Miranda’s long and lofty vigil over one of our most precious national treasures is to be commended and celebrated.

It’s people like Miranda who should be given Australian of the year award. Her service to this country makes her one of this nation’s hero’s.”

Blue King Brown said “Miranda’s commitment to protecting the forest is nothing short of inspiring.

“It highlights what’s necessary to fight against the corporate push to exploit and destroy ancient natural resources for short term financial gain.

“We support Miranda’s action, she has taken a stance for the future health of the land, and its inhabitants, and everyone should be grateful & thankful for her resilience and determination.”

The Former Greens Leader, environmentalist Bob Brown said, “Besides being a highlight at all the talks I have given in 2012, your voice, over the phone or via electronic links never fails to fascinate a hall full of people.

“In an ecocidal world, you are a focus of Earth-saving grace and sanity.”

Greens Leader, Senator Christine Milne said, “Congratulations Miranda– you have brought the changing seasons and moods of Tasmania’s magnificent forests to the attention of the world.

“Your quiet determination and commitment to protect our wildlife, our birds and our biodiversity is an inspiration in a world where people want a quick fix and move on.

“Future generations will be grateful for the year you’ve spent maintaining the vigil so that they might experience the wonder of Tasmania’s forests.”

Tim Levinson aka Urthboy said, “I’ve spent an hour or two frozen to the bone in the Tassie cold but it always ended in the warmth of a hotel room. To think that anyone would volunteer to put their own life on the line out in the forest like Miranda should be acknowledged for what it is: immense bravery and great courage of conviction.

We don’t see this kind of selfless dedication often. It sends a powerful message about the vitality of Tasmania’s forests and inspires people to reflect on how important they are to our land and people.”

Author Derrick Jensen said, “Thank you, Miranda, for who you are that would cause you to act.

“You are an inspiration to me and to so many others. An inspiration we desperately need.”

On behalf of State Greens MPs Tim Morris, Cassy O’Connor, Kim Booth and Paul O’Halloran, Greens Leader Nick McKim congratulated Miranda and said, “Your quiet determination and tenacity across the season this last year has been as awe-inspiring as the massive tree which has served as your home, through rain and shine.  The dignified manner in which you have stood witness for our precious wild forests and their inhabitants is both inspirational and inspired.”

Dr Peter B. McQuillan, of the School of Geography & Environmental Studies at the University of Tasmania praised Miranda’s patient advocacy.

“It will take another century to even discover all the species which make up these inspirational ecosystems.

“Unravelling the secrets of how these remarkable forests persist through time is a significant challenge but a key to their future management. The next generation of Australia’s natural scientists are in her debt.”

Andrew Wilkie, Independent Member for Denison said, “Miranda’s peaceful protest is helping to keep the spotlight on the need to protect Tasmania’s precious native forests.

I hope the peace process is finalised soon so our most valuable forests are protected, the forestry industry is

put on a sustainable footing and Miranda can come down from her perch,’’

Julia Butterfly Hill, an American activist and environmentalist, said, “Miranda Gibson is taking a powerful stand not only on behalf of Tasmania’s forests, but also on behalf of the millions of people all over the world who know and understand that it is absolutely vital that we protect them.

We stand in solidarity with and support of her courageous efforts. Having spent over two years in an ancient redwood tree in Northern California in the United States to protect it and call attention to the plight of our old growth forests, I understand first-hand what an incredible sacrifice Miranda is making in her commitment.”

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  1. Reblogged this on takesonetwoknowone and commented:
    Our hero, Miranda, melting away the bully boy antics of big govt .and big corp. with her selfless sit-in…

  2. Hang in there Miranda, cant believe it has already been a year, you are so strong.

  3. Jer 4,23 Ich blickte zur Erde: und siehe, sie war wüste und leer!
    und zum Himmel: aber er war ohne Licht!
    Mi 7,13 Aber die Erde wird zur Wüste werden um ihrer Bewohner willen,
    infolge ihrer Übeltaten.
    Offb 11,18…..welche die Erde verderben!


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