Media Release: Santa celebrates environmentalist’s second Christmas in the tree tops.

Santa arrives_low resConservationist Miranda Gibson is set to spend her second Christmas in the Observer Tree after spending more than a year living 60 meters above the ground.  To bring the festive spirit to Miranda’s tree-top perch, Santa Claus paid her a visit. Santa came into the tree baring gifts from many community members who support Miranda’s stance for the forests.

“Of all the natural areas in the world that I fly over each year on my Christmas flight I honestly believe that Tasmania’s tall forests are some of the most spectacular landscapes I have ever seen. To think they are still unprotected and threatened by logging and burning is unacceptable” said Mr Claus.

“This marks my second Christmas at the top of this tree. This time last year I had hoped that I would not have spent another Christmas here, and that this forest would be securely protected by now. Sadly, after a year, I still need to be here watching over this forest that remains under threat” said Miranda Gibson. “I hope that I will not be here for a third Christmas. In early 2013 the government has a opporutunity and the responsiblity to nominate these world-class forests for world heritage protection. What a wonderful Christmas gift it would be for all of Australians and the world, to have these forests protected for future generations” said Ms Gibson.


“I have sent a Christmas greeting to Environment Minister Tony Burke today urging him to place this area and all the other verified world heritage value forests of Tasmania into the  Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area,” said Mr Claus.
“The best christmas present Tasmania’s can ask for is the secure protection of these globally unique forests. I wish I could give this present but I it’s up to Tony Burke,” said Mr Claus.

Miranda and Santa 2_low res

Santa’s letter to Tony Burke

Santa Claus
PO Box 1,
North Pole
Dear Minister Burke,
As you know, I have traveled extensively across our beautiful planet and witnessed first hand many of the world’s finest natural wonders and wildernesses. I have to say that the Tasmanian wilderness and tall wet Eucalypt forests bordering the World Heritage Area are among my favourite areas to fly through. Unique in the world, these forests are home to endangered species, such as the Tasmanian devil, they are the most carbon rich forests on the planet, helping to keep our climate cool and are exceptionally beautiful and  irreplaceable.

Whilst passing through Tasmania each year on my global delivery run I am shocked to see these forests remain unprotected, many clear felled and cable logged. From the air, viewed from my sleigh, these areas look devastated. Large tracts of burnt, cleared land bordering the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area.

This Christmas will be the second time that I will pay a visit to Miranda Gibson in the Observer tree. I believe Miranda is a true champion of democracy and standing up for what you believe in. For over one year now she has remained at the top of a threatened old growth Eucalypt tree in the Tyenna Valley near the Styx valley in Tasmania’s Southern forests. She has vowed to stay up the tree until the forest receives the protection it deserves and is added into the World Heritage Area. If not for Miranda I believe the magnificent forest she lives in would have already been destroyed for short-term profits but at an unmeasureable cost to the environment.

These forests are some of the most majestic, unique and tallest forests on the planet. I urge you to act immediately for their protection by adding them to the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area.

Give Miranda Gibson the Christmas present that she deserves, that these forests deserve and that the vast majority of Tasmanian’s and Australian’s want too – World heritage protection for Tasmania’s ancient forests.
Your sincerely,
Santa Claus.

Miranda and Santa_low res

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  1. Thank you Miranda and Thank you Santa for sharing Christmas with us and ofcourse your very important message of protection and world hertiage status for ancient old growth tassie forests xxxxx

  2. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, Miranda.

  3. I love his Santa Activism and Speaking Up for the Forests! Go Santa and Miranda and ALL Supporters. Stop Ecocide NOW!

  4. Miranda and all at Observertree – we want to nominate your blog for the Blog of the Year Award! The rules and more are here:

  5. Good for Santa and this is a very creative addition to the campaign!

    Crafty Green Poet

  6. Dear Miranda I hope you are safe in these wild winds and hot days. We are all thinking of you. Much love Cass

  7. Dear Miranda. I am not the Santa Claus, but only Nikolaos, the gaver of the name.

    I urge you to change the music in your movie, because I cannot share it with friends in Europe / Germany because of copyright problems (GEMA) … it”s blocked.

    You can contact me for help with this at nik which is located at love and a dot and ms
    (sorry – fear of spam)

    Best vibes to you

  8. Miranda, I have never been so inspired. Your passion, devotion and intelligence have really moved me. I join your campaign to save the forest and will ask all my friends to do the same. I have a friend who has recently moved to Tasmania who told me about you. I will ask him to give me timely reports on how you are doing. GOD BLESS YOU AND THE TREES!! Sincerely, Rebecca Downs

  9. are you ok?

  10. BOGOTA D C. COLOMBIA JANUARY 12, 2013 FOR GIBSON HELLO DEAR MIRANDA MIRANDA want to wish you a happy new year alongside all YOURS … GOD BLESS AND TAKE CARE MUCH AND CAN FULFILL ALL YOUR DREAMS. FROM COLOMBIA BOGOTA DC sent you hugs AND MANY THOUSANDS OF fuersas AND GOD PIDINDOLE the authorities of your country and hopefully around the globe look at all your sacrifices to care and protect the most CUTE AND BEAUTIFUL CREATION AND THAT IS THE LUNG WORLD, our flora and fauna. I admire you for your courage and heroism ALL BECAUSE you left to protect our PLANETA.GRACIAS CUTE FOR EVERYTHING YOU WORRY FOR LIFE tirelessly. CONGRATULATIONS TO THIS NEW YEAR, WE WANT YOUR FRIEND FROM BOGOTA COLOMBIA RICARDO.

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