Bushfire forces exit from Observer Tree Miranda’s epic tree sit

Miranda Gibson has today reluctantly left her perch high up in the Observer Tree, after 449 days, as a bushfire burned to within a kilometre and it became clear that predicted hot weather early next week could precipitate an emergency situation in the remote forest.

Miranda, of Still Wild Still Threatened, has spent almost 15 months in the Observer Tree after she climbed up on 14th December 2011, vowing to remain as long as possible to defend the forests, including the World Heritage value area in which the tree is situated.

“Our campaign to stop the logging of these World Heritage nominated forests and of the proposed protected areas will continue despite my exit from the Observer Tree. Although it is disappointing to leave this forest whilst these precious places continue to fall to the chainsaw, I have a huge respect for the forces of nature that are in play. And I remain as dedicated as ever to standing up for Tasmania’s threatened forests. ”

“I want to stress that magnificent forests are still in jeopardy, including places it has been agreed should be protected and become World Heritage listed, and that our will to see them safe remains as strong as ever. The campaign for these globally significant forests will now move into a new phase,” Ms Gibson concluded.

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  1. Reblogged this on Science on the Land and commented:
    My goodness, we didn’t expect this! I wonder whether this fire was/is a natural one, or an effect of ecosystem mismanagement, or an arson attack.

  2. It was so uplifting to see one environmental hero greet another after her wonderfully honorable task was accomplished so diligently and so well.

  3. Tree hugs and huge respect for you Miranda and what you have been through to bear witness to this forest’s future. Tassie’s trees should be proud and over here in the UK we are incredibly inspired. Keep up the fight from the ground x

  4. Thank you Miranda for your epic fight for these incredible forests.
    Your tree and the forest will miss your close vigil – but I hope it knows you have done your very best, that your action will have effected lasting safety, and that your personal sacrifices were not in vain.

  5. Thank you so much for your courage, your determination and dedication to tassies ancient forests. Deeply humbled and grateful to you!

  6. Miranda, You did an amazing thing! So proud of you.

  7. Miranda you are a wonder and it is amazing to see your passion for those beautiful woods and trees! Keep up the fight, you have my full support and that of many others I am sure.

  8. Welcome back to Terra Firma, Miranda ! Thank you for your sacrifice and courage and glad that you are safe and are going to continue the fight in other ways. We in GB will continue to support you and wish you well in your fight to protect our beautiful planet.

  9. Miranda you are an amazing woman! An inspiration to all. Thank you for your courage, your passion and your determination in protecting and defending our precious forests. The trees, the creatures and the people are so lucky to have you. I will continue to support you, along with many others, as you continue your journey on the ground.

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