Miranda’s Blog: March 23rd 2013

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  1. Wonderful powerful video, Thank you both xx

  2. Excellent to see how you continue your important advocacy for World Heritage forests ‘on the ground’. I hope many Japanese people will view this video!

  3. Miranda, I fell in love with you the moment I read the article on CNN about you in the tree. I followed your story, read up on the challenges you faced and admired the courage you showed in your fight to save our precious Earth. I looked at your pictures and realized you are absolutely beautiful! A true windfall for any man deserving of the same love and respect you show our environment. Congratulations to you, and good luck to you and to those you inspire. It makes me feel great knowing you’re out there fighting for what’s right.

    Admirer in America

  4. hello miranda sending massive hug to you up the tree, i am a mate of aby from bristol just watched her resplendence live at Harbour fest and big shout out to you .Utter respect lots of love jo king xxx will write soon

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