Media Release: Logging of World Heritage nominated forest in the Tyenna halted by peaceful protest.

Conservationists from Still Wild Still Threatened are today halting logging operations, in world heritage nominated forest in the Tyenna Valley. One conservationist is perched in a tree sit, which is attached to logging machinery.

Conservationists are alarmed that logging has been allowed to commence only in the past weeks, after these forests were nominated for world heritage protection two months ago.

Miranda Gibson, spokesperson for Still Wild Still Threatened said, “These forests in the Tyenna Valley were nominated for World Heritage protection two months ago. The recently commenced logging in these forests, shows a complete failure by Federal Environment Minister Tony Burke to protect the very forests that his government have nominated for World Heritage.”

“This logging is occurring within several kilometres of the Observer Tree, where I spent 449 days in a tree sit watching over the World Heritage value forests of the Tyenna. During that time people all around the world showed overwhelming support for the protection of these forests. Over 60,000 protest emails were sent to Prime Minister Julia Gillard and Environment Minister Burke requesting that they use their Commonwealth powers to stop the destruction of these forests,

Regrettably Prime Minister Gillard and Environment Minister Burke have ignored the international community and instead stood back and allowed forests to continue to be destroyed, forests they have acknowledged to be globally significant,” said Ms Gibson.

“Despite neglectful silence and wanton destruction of the values of these globally significant ecosystems on behalf of the Federal Government, conservationists in Tasmania will continue to take peaceful action in defence of World Heritage value forests that continue to be logged. Still Wild Still Threatened are calling for an immediate cease all logging of world heritage value forests in Tasmania,” said Ms Gibson.

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  1. Garry Stannus

    Well, it seems clear to me. When the Government of Australia identifies parts of our little Tasmanian island as of heritage value to the world, and then when our anti-political lib-lab-business alliance continues its policy of logging whatever it can, I think we can conclude that we all are being ripped off.

    We all? Not just us, who are reading the news of 2013, but those of the future. And those who will never read, because they belong to different parts of the animal kingdom, belong to the plant kingdom and so on. Many of us treat our world like unfeeling conquerors.

    We have been ‘given the Garden’ and the ‘Tree of Knowledge’ and what have we done? Step outside, for a moment, if you please. Look at Earth. As far as we know, it is unique. Why not use our knowledge to sustain it? Instead we have the spurious concepts of sustainable mining, sustainable logging, sustainable burning, sustainable development … sustainable exploitation. I remember when the word was first used. It meant renewable, not exceeding the ability of our earth to replace what we might take from it.

    To the politico-commercial oligarchies of the day, sustainable has been traduced, till it pretends to be a measure of how much must be extracted from our planet in order that the life of the company can continue into the next financial year. Sustainable becomes a measure perhaps of exploitation on behalf of commerce. How much can we dig up before our greed kills our golden goose? How much can we exploit that which has been until now, unexploited?

    Oceans. Land. Air.

    Lithosphere. Hydrosphere. Atmosphere … Zoosphere? Noosphere!

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