Celebrate the forests of the Upper Florentine Still Standing

camp florentine

 Community gathering to celebrate the Upper Florentine’s potential World Heritage listing and success of the Camp Florentine.
Upper Florentine Valley, Camp Florentine –Gordon River rd, 20 mins past Maydena
Sunday 30th June, from 12pm
Bring: picnic food and drinks, walking shoes, wet weather gear


You are invited to celebrate the peaceful defence of the Upper Florentine valley and success of the Camp Florentine forest blockade. We’re calling on all members of the community who care about the Upper Florentine, who have taken part in the campaign to protect it and supported or spent time at the blockade. Come and celebrate the fact that most of the valley is still standing because of our community efforts and will hopefully be listed as World Heritage.

Between June 17 and June 27, the World Heritage Committee will meet in Cambodia and discuss the Australian Government’s nomination for an additional 120,000ha of forest to be added to the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area. The nomination includes some of the most significant areas of old growth forest in southern Tasmania, places like the Upper Florentine, Styx, North Weld Valley and Middle Huon. While we know there is a still a long way to go to keep fighting for an end to the destruction of native forests in Tasmania, we’d like to take a moment to acknowledge and celebrate this important step towards protection of some spectacular forests.

For over 6 years the forests of the Upper Florentine were defended by the community through grass roots direct action. Camp Florentine became the longest running continuous forest blockade in Tasmania’s history, which prevented logging of up to 1000ha of old growth forest and stopped construction of 10 km of proposed roads. Without the community campaigns and the blockade this valley  would have already been filled with clearfells.  Now it is nominated for World Heritage. That’s something to celebrate we reckon!

So many people from all walks of life have contributed to this campaign and now it’s time for all of us to get together and to acknowledge the parts we’ve all played in keeping this forest standing. Bring some picnic food, wet weather gear, walking shoes, big smiles and maybe even some celebratory bubbly. We’ll have a picnic, hear speeches, catch up with each other and go for a few short walks through the magnificent forest that still stands.

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  1. William Boeder

    Good to see this area saved from the non-State income producing ‘bogey-man industrial larceny’ of the peoples forests.
    The trees being ripped down and snatched to add to the wealth of a few Asian billionaires. What kind of ridiculous law is put forward to issue such mindless warrants and commands for the continuous wilful destruction of this part of the World’s fast disappearing free-ranging forest woodlands.
    Ah, there’s nothing quite like being among these Ancient Old Growth Forests with their quiet and peaceful eco-systems thriving in their peacefully silent yet magnificent spectacle.
    Tis far far better than staring at the deliberate ruined barren bare scorched earth.

    William Boeder.

  2. Madeleine h Kennedy

    Congratulations to all who have been involved in the protest to save the Upper Florentine, such a magnificent place of wonder, wish we could be there to help celebrate, but we will do so from Mt Evelyn on the mainland, thinking of you all with admiration.

  3. Garry Stannus

    I love that place! I’m coming!

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