The Mercury article: Santa lands in tree-tops

“SANTA made an early visit to a tree-sit protest in Tasmania’s remote wilderness yesterday.

Still Wild Still Threatened’s Miranda Gibson has been living 60m above a logging coupe near Maydena in the Central Highlands for the past 10 days.

After living off cold tinned and dried food for the entire time, Ms Gibson said she was overwhelmed by the visit.

“Santa came up the tree and we had a little picnic and he delivered a lot of messages of support from the community and all sorts of nice treats to save up for Christmas Day,” she said…”

Read more of the article at The Mercury website.

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  1. Hi Miranda, Boxing Day and the sailing fleet has just left Sydney, due Hobart in a few days. National media will cover the boat arrivals up the Derwent. Ideal time to send a simple forest message on a banner. I know Sarah on Hobart’s Windward Bound is a willing supporter of Tasmania’s natural heritage and has been known to fly a banner/sail for the cause.

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