Miranda’s Daily Blog: Day 37

Life in the tree sit: A photo story.

Sitting on the edge

Kickin' back and relaxing

Got everything up here except the kitchen sink!

Tree sitter's best friend: rope, lots of rope!


The kitchen pantry

Just hanging around!

"Glidey" the Greater Glider enjoys the view.

Tree top cuppa.

Straight from the garden to my tree: fresh home-grown salad delivery... yum!

Talking on the phone.

Looking down.

My front door.

The top of my tree

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  1. Hi Miranda
    I printed the save tassies forests t-shirt you are wearing in Sydney one of your many supporters from afar have just returned from Tasmania 1st time visit after supporting your fight for many years we have to save tassies forests. If you send an address I could send you a “no jobs on a dead planet” t-shirt
    Colin 0412 924 251

  2. Love the pics MIranda, thanks for showing us around your place and glad to see Glidey enjoying the view 🙂 xxxx

  3. Good Morning Miranda,

    If you’re not too busy, here’s a history of the tree-hugger movement.


    cheers, Peter

  4. Hi Miranda,
    This is my first visit to your site. Thank you for your brave stand in protecting these beautiful and precious forests. You have a million-dollar-view, but of course that’s just a figure of speech. No amount of money can replace living trees. I’ll be following as events progress. Wishing you all success!
    Rowan NSW

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