A Decade of Forest Defence

For those of you in Tasmania, this weekend is a great time to celebrate forest activism, because the Huon Valley Environment Centre is turning ten! And to commemorate this milestone, they are have a festival down at Lonnavale. 

This volunteer run organisation has been a critical player in the forest campaign for the past ten years. Tirelessly defending the forests of the Huon Valley, this group have brought the beauty and the ongoing destruction of these forests to the attention of the world. They have led the charge in the fight to free the forests from the hands of Ta Ann. Recently Jenny Weber spokesperson for the group travelled to Japan to talk to customers buying Ta Ann’s wood made from our precious native forests. We’ll be hearing more from Jenny in her guest blog…coming soon!

Check out the details on their website: A Decade of Forest Defence


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  1. Miranda, you are an awesome human. I am very envious of your beautiful treehouse with its “as nature intended” decor and pristine views. Keep up the fight to protect our beautiful forest darln, You are doing such an amazing job of reminding us that this is what we all, as animals on this earth, should be actively investing energy in. Thankyou for doing what the most of us are too selfish to do.

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